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Listen Up! Parenting Isn't for Wimps

17 August 2018  

Parenting isn't getting any easier, so here are few podcasts we have been listening to.

Rebel Parenting

Ryan and Laura Dobson put together a podcast for parenting kids today. This is a podcast for unconventional and conventional parents who are trying to find a way to keep children going strong in the world. Without compromise the Dobsons talk about issues that parents are confronted with, from broken families to broken people. Ryan has been podcasting and broadcasting for years, first with his own KOR KAST, then as the co-host of Family Talk with his father Dr. James Dobson. Now back out on their own he and his wife Laura have given this generation of parents a place to face the new challenges of families today, iTunes

Risen Motherhood

This is where Mothers can go to hear all about people and their kiddos. Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler have put to together a podcast that provides Mothers with support, resources, and kindness. Integrated with a helpful website, they have a heartfelt style that is targeted to where Moms are at now. With an eye to practical parenting, it is worth taking the time to stop and listen. Or at least if you can't stop, you can still listen., iTunes

Dad Tired

Another podcast geared to parenting in the now. Pastor Jerrad Lopes takes on todays Fathers and gives them a shot in the arm. Asking his listeners to be serious Dads, he makes the case for looking with new eyes at how Men can parent today. The podcast is informative and to the point, and looking at his website, there are resources and conferences for any man who wants to take it to the next level., iTunes


If your a parent, your children's health and illnesses become a major concern. Sometimes a dominating concern. In steps Dr. Mike, hailing from Columbus, Ohio, and Nationwide Children's Hospital, he dispenses advice on a boat load of topics. From Newborn Hearing Loss, Hand Washing, and Reading Comprehension, to Teenage Meningitis, Pediatrician Mike Patrick has got you covered. Be sure you check the past episodes if you have a special concern. Wish we had this when we had little crumb crunchers running around., iTunes

Focus on the Family Parenting Podcast

Not to be confused with the main Focus on the Family radio/podcast. The Family Parenting Podcast is well...focused on parenting. Hosts John Fuller and Jim Daly find tips, information, speakers, and inspiration. Put in shorter format, it makes it easy to fit into a quick nap break or trip back from soccer practice. A wide variety of guests makes sure that topics are far ranging. Everything from discipline to surviving toddlers tantrums. Just go to Focus on the Family, todays broadcast and scroll down to Parenting Podcast., iTunes



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