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Mile High Show: Natalie Krol

22 July 2015  

Natalie Krol: An artist of all mediums. 

This week Matt sits down with Natalie Krol, local artist, musician, vocalist. Her career includes teaching, performing, counseling, and a new CD available through her website

Krol conducts a practise session with Santos, using Line Therapy. Santos’ reaction? “…the results are a little disturbing."


Natalie has been commissioned to create iconic sculptures for clients across the country and around the world, including “Filmstrip USA”, a one of a kind award for Itzhak Perlman, and the beautiful “Silver Tornado” bull that welcomes visitors to Yavapai Regional Medical Center in Prescott. 



Natalie will be performing with her band “The Magnificent Five”, Doug Keller (keyboard), Steve Annibale (trumpet/bongos), David Margheim (guitar), Larry Kantor (drums), Natalie Krol (vocals), at the Salsa Arizona School of Dance event “A September to Remember” on Sept. 26th at the Hotel St. Michael Ballroom.

"Magnificent Five"  band with:
   Doug Keller (keyboard), Steve Annibale (trumpet/bongos), David Margheim (guitar), Larry Kantor (drums), Natalie Krol (vocals) 

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