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Got Garden Questions? Watters Has Answers

15 August 2015   Lynne LaMaster
Russian Sage produces lovely, delicate purple flowers and is very water-wise. Lynne LaMaster
Attend the free gardening classes at Watters every Saturday morning at 9:30. 
With back-to-school activities and the end of summer, it might be easy to ignore your garden and landscaping. Check out these free gardening classes at Watters Garden Center for great tips and tricks to make your garden stand out.
Aug 15 – Western Natives & the Water-wise Landscape. – Native plants are unique, hardy, with some so unusual traditional gardeners marvel at how to use them. It all comes down to companion planting. We cover native trees, native shrubs, native flowers and native vines that all adapt so well they need no care after establishment. Students will be a native pro after this class. We stock up on extra natives before this class. Join the water-wise fun.

Aug 22 – Harvest Vegetables & Herbs thru Winter. – This is the peak of the harvest season. With strategic rotation, the garden will continue the harvest through winter, and late summer is the key transition month. Learn which varieties can be planted for year long produce, outside, right through winter. Heirlooms, harvest your own seed, or start by plants. You’ll be able to feed everyone in the household. Free planting calendar for each student at the end of this class.
Aug 29 – How to use Climbers & Clematis in Garden Design. – Vines climb quickly up fence posts, pergolas, barbed wire, walls and trellis. They block, screen and shade better then any other plants in the nursery, but not all vines are created equal. Learn these vines favorite locals, sun and shade lovers, and all the advice to get these bloomers climbing. Free to clematis lovers and those who like growing plants.


If you go: 

What: Free Garden Classes

Where: Watters Garden Center

Time: Starts at 9:30