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Watters Garden Center: Literally For the Birds

13 March 2016   Lynne LaMaster

A few new friends came to Watters Garden Center on Saturday. 

Each Saturday at 9:30 AM, Watters Garden Center hosts gardening newbies and enthusiasts alike as they learn about tips’n’techniques to making great landscapes, gardens and indoor greenery. But yesterday’s class was something special. 

Arizona’s Raptor Experience - Paul and Anne Schnell, joined Ken Lain and the crew to discuss ways to make your yard “bird friendly” and they brought a few friends along to help tell the tale. 

First up was Emily. 

Emily is a Swainson’s Hawk. 

Paul’s friend is Stihl, a sweet little Saw-whet Owl.

Anne introduces Goliath, a very large Eagle Owl. 

The very rare African Hawk Eagle, Hilda, surveys the crowd. 

But, there’s no thrill like that of having a raptor land on your arm. Coda, a Harris's Hawk and Paul guide some young, brave volunteers in what may be their first step at becoming a falconeer!