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Sales, Menus & Recipes: Apples, Apples, Apples

03 October 2019  

October is Apple Month

The apple has been know and eaten for many thousands of years. Its’ ancestor still grows wild in the mountains of central Asia. When the apple genome was sequenced (golden delicious was used) it was found to have almost twice as many genes as that of humans. This great genetic diversity probably has something to do with the over 7500 known varieties of apples! The word apple is derived from the Celtic word for apple, abhall.

As with so many plants, technologies, and ideas, the apple had a great widening of cultivation and proliferation of varieties during the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, only a small number of apple varieties are currently available in our grocery stores. 

All our stores have Gala (now the most popular in the U.S.), Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, and Fuji. Fry’s also has Rave and Envy. Safeway also has Crip’s Pink, Sprouts also has Envy, Rave and Pink Lady, Natural Grocers (all organic) also has MacIntosh and Zester. 

Good apples that ought to be available at this time include Empire, Northern Spy, Braeburn, Jonagold and Ginger Gold. If you would like to have more varieties of apples available, ask your produce managers.

Bonus Recipe—Make your own Apple Cider

Don’t use Red Delicious (boring). Use several different kinds— Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, Pippen. And Taste as you add sugar. She really uses too much.

Special Sales This Week

 Fry’s—There is a buy 3 get $6 off deal on large packages of some items, like Starbucks K Cups, Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue and Hershey’s Candy. If you spend $20 on selected frozen food items you will get $5 off. A mix or match sale, buy 5 get each item for $.99. Items such as Kit Kat and Sarah Lee Bread.

Safeway—Special Digital Coupon, 2 lb Lucerne Cheese shredded or chunk, select varieties, only $2.99/each. (first 2) Equals $1.50/lb.  Buy 6 or more Get $3 off. For each group of 6 of the participating items (mix or match) you will get $3 off your order. There are a number of Clip or Click coupons on cleaning products, Skin Care etc. There is also a Buy 2 get one free on selected kitchenware items like foil pans, or Ziplock Bags.

Watch for special tags on grocery items that say 10 for $10, meaning—$1/each.

Sprouts—72 hour Sale, Fri, Sat Sun, Walnut Halves & Pieces and Dark Chocolate Covered Walnuts only $3.99/lb, Annies or Cascadian Farm Cereal, $1.50/box. The Organic Foods  Sale continues with hundreds of Organic items on sale; Pacific Organic Bone Broth $2.50/each, Sprouts Organic Jerky BOGO, Imlak’esh Organics Cacao Wafers, Nibs or Powder, 50% off.

National Days This Week

Oct 4—National Taco Day

Oct 4—Apple Betty Day (also known as Apple Brown Betty)

Oct 6—National Noodle Day

Oct  7—Frappe Day (probably best celebrated at your favorite coffee house)

Oct 8— Fluffernutter Day AND Pierogi Day

Suggestions for Foods to eat This Week

Main Dishes

Tacos *
Pan Broiled Salmon
Green Chili Stew *
Pan Broiled Steak
Stovetop Chicken Thighs *
Bay Scallop Linguine *
Pierogi, with Sausage and Sauerkraut *

Salads and Sides

Creamy Avocado Egg Salad *
Green Salad
Maple Apple Walnut Salad *
Fruit Salad
Salmon Salad *
Vegan Bell Pepper Fried Rice *
Baked Yams
Steamed Squash
Crusty Bread
Steamed Broccolini 
Colorful Bell Pepper Side Dish *


Apple Brown Betty *
Apple Strudel (good for breakfast too) *
Orange Delight *
Fluffernutter Sandwich with Chocolate Dipping Sauce *

Videos and Recipes

Street Tacos—Carne Asada

Don’t know why they don’t give a salsa crude recipe.

Juicy B/S Chicken Thighs on the Stovetop

I would mix rub in a small bowl to get even amounts of spices on all parts. Other rubs would be good, Salt, Pepper, Fresh thyme leaves, Onion Powder, Lemon Zest, Add some lemon juice or white wine instead of part of the chicken broth. You get the idea—change up the flavor to suit yourself.


Bay Scallop Linguini

I like Bay Scallops better than Sea Scallops. They take almost no time to cook and they should be tender and succulent. But, if over cooked they resemble little chunks of rubber.



Great video. A certain amount of trouble. You can freeze them so make a lot if you’re going to make any. Maybe serve with sausages and sauerkraut.

Kielbasa and Sauerkraut

You could just serve with crusty bread instead of making into a sandwich.

Creamy Avocado Egg Salad

Maple Apple Walnut Salad

Salmon Salad

Vegetarian Bell Pepper Fried Rice

Vegan too, although I’d probably add some fried egg.

Colorful Bell Peppers Side Dish

Here’s a go to recipe for the ever present bell pepper.

Apple Brown Betty, aka Apple Crisp

Food Wishes Recipe

Apple Strudel

A new easy recipe.

Orange Delight

Tasty and FAST. Milkmaid is what we would call sweetened condensed milk.

How To Make a Fluffernutter Sandwich

The chocolate dipping sauce makes this a lot better, or how about dipping it in Nutella. 

Green Chili Stew



1 1/2 lb good quality ground beef, Fry’s has ground Angus Beef in the butcher case
OR you could use pork shoulder. Just cut into chunks, 1 inch or so, and proceed as for ground meat.

1 15 oz can crushed tomatoes
2 celery stalks, finely diced
4 mini carrots, finely diced
1 medium red onion finely diced
3-4 cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped
1 Tablespoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 Tablespoon dried oregano
salt and black pepper to taste
5-6 roasted poblano chilis from the Farmer’s Market, or roast your own, or 2 cans whole green chilis. Chilis should be cut into pieces about 1 x 1/4 inches (or so, exactitude not required.) It is a good idea to check the heat of whatever chilis you are using before adding them to the stew. If they are very hot, add fewer. If they are not hot enough consider adding some chili flakes.
1 carton low sodium chicken broth, the best I’ve found is Kirkland Organic at Costco.
water as needed


First put on some plastic disposable gloves! If using roasted chilis from the Farmer’s Market, under a little cold running water rub off the blackened skin from each chili. Then remove as much of the seeds and ribs as you like. The less you remove the hotter the dish will be. Many feel that an excess of seeds reduces the quality of the dish. 

Now, still wearing the gloves, cut the chilis into small strips and set aside. Remove gloves and wash your hands carefully. You may still experience problems if you rub your eyes.

Note: It is fun to roast your own chilis. You need to turn them over high heat. A burner flame works for a couple of chilis. For more try a  grill or a broiler. Just keep them in motion. When most of the chili is blackened, wrap in a damp paper towel and place in a plastic bag. Or wrap in a tea towel and place in a covered container (if you’re reducing plastic bag use.) By the time the chilis are cool enough to handle, the skins will be easily removed. (Thanks Rosalie.)

Dice the celery, carrots, and red onion.

Divide the meat into four equal portions. Over Medium High heat brown each quarter separately in a 4-5 quart heavy bottomed pan or dutch oven. It may help to add a little olive oil at the beginning. As you are putting the meat into the pan, use your fingers to break it up into clumps. Your goal is to keep the meat in chunks, not a fine texture. Let meat cook for a couple of minutes, then turn with a spatula. You want to leave a little space between clumps so the meat browns well without releasing too much of its liquid. It is not necessary for the meat to cook through as it will get further cooking later on. (If you are using pork shoulder, just make sure not to crowd the pan and try to brown on all sides.)

Place 1/2 of the browned meat in each of two bowls and set aside. If you want to reduce fat to a minimum line each bowl with some paper towels.

Now remove all but a Tablespoon of fat from the pan and reduce the heat to medium low. Add, the onion and salt. Stir occasionally until it begins to be translucent and not much liquid is left. Add Garlic, Stir and cook a minute or so. Now add the carrots and celery and continue to stir until the vegetables are softened. (If needed add a little olive oil to keep vegetables from sticking. Add the spices and herbs and stir continuously for a minute or two. Finally, add the crushed tomatoes and stir well, scrapping the bottom of the pan carefully to get up any browned bits. 

Add the chilis, the chicken stock and 1/2 the meat. Bring to a low boil, then keep uncovered at a bare simmer for an hour. Stir as necessary.

Add the remaining meat. Make sure there is enough liquid. If necessary add some water, or additional stock if you have it. Cook at a simmer for an additional 1/2 hour. Check seasonings.

If you are planning salty garnishes, don’t make the stew too salty. If you need it hotter, add some hot sauce. 

If there is too much fat, skim it off. Since you are dividing the meat into small batches it may be easier to use the paper towel method, which reduces the fat to a bare minimum. Of course the fat does increase flavor and maybe you like it that way. Adjust to your personal taste.

Some suggestions for accompaniments: grated cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips, or avocado slices.

On Sale This Week


Chicken—$1.77/lb @Sprouts, B/S thighs.  $2.99/lvb@Sprouts, B/S tenders$1.47/lb @Safeway, B/S/ breasts. Buy 1 pkg, Get 2 free @Fry’s. $5.90/10 lb bag @Fry’s, fresh leg quarters
Beef Steak—$4.77/lb @ Safeway, T-Bone or New York. 
Beef Roast—$2.97/lb @Safeway, Chuck, Cross Rib, Bottom or Eye or Sirloin Tip. $5.99/lb @Sprouts, Rump, boneless
Fish and Seafood—$6.99/lb @Sprouts, Wild Pacific Rockfish fillets. @6.99/lb @Sprouts, Bay Scallops, $9.99/lb @Sprouts, Wild Sockeye Salmon fillets. 5.99/lb @Fry’s,Catfish or Tilapia
Pork—$.89/lb @Fry’s. shoulder roast. (shred for tacos)  $1.99/lb @Safeway, Boneless half loin.

Fruits and Vegetables

Grapes—$.69/lb @Sprouts, green. $1.99/lb @Fry’s, green, black
Apples—$.98/lb @Sprouts, Gala. $2.48/lb @Sprouts, Honeycrisp (O). $.99/lb @ Safeway, Fuji, Granny Smith. $.99/lb @Fry’s, Gala, Granny Smith.
Blackberries—$.88/box @Sprouts, 72 hr sale. 1.25/box @Fry’s. $3/box @ Sprouts (O)
Blueberries—$1.25 /box @Fry’s, $2.50/box @Sprouts.
Strawberries—$2.50/box @Sprouts, $3/box @Sprouts, (O)
Raspberries—$2.50/box @Sprouts, $3/box @Sprouts, (O)
Oranges—$.98/lb @Sprouts, 
Cantaloupes—$1.67/each @Sprouts
Pineapples—$1.50/each @Sprouts, 72 hr sale
Avocados—$1.50/each @Sprouts, large
Greens—$.99/each @Safeway, Romaine, Spinach, Red or Green Leaf. $.99/bag @Safeway, Signature Farms Shreds or Spinach. 
Tomatoes—$.99/lb @Safeway, slicing. $1.98/lb @Sprouts, on-the-vine (O)
Cucumbers—$.50/each @Fry’s. $.50/each @Sprouts
Bell Peppers—$.98/each @Sprouts, red, yellow, orange. $.99/lb @Safeway, red, yellow, orange. 
Squash—$.99/lb @Safeway, Italian or Yellow
Yams or Sweet Potatoes—$.99/lb @Safeway, $.98/lb @Sprouts 
Baby Broccoli, Broccolini—$1.98/bunch @Sprouts

Other Good Deals

OroWeat Bread or Muffins—BOGO @Safeway
Yoplait Yogurt—$.29/each @Safeway, with clip or click coupon
Pastry Bites or Mini Turnovers—$1/box @Safeway
Mahatma Jasmine Rice, $2.50/2 lb bag @Fry’s
Eggs—$2.50/dz @Fry’s, Simple Truth cage free
Cheese—$1.88/each @Fry’s, Kroger Brand, select varieties
All These are $.88/each @Fry’s when you buy 8: Clif Bar, Larabar, Luna Bar, Horizon  Organic Milk, 8oz or Chobani Greek Yogurt.
Organic Tortilla or Potato Chips—$1.67/each @Sprouts
Organic canned beans—$.99/each @Sprouts.
Dried Cranberries and Turkish Apricots—$2.99/lb @Sprouts