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Sales, Menus & Recipes: Start Now on Thanksgiving Plans

30 October 2019  

It’s almost Thanksgiving time! 

A lot of people look at Thanksgiving as a time to give, as well as to gather together with friends and family for feasting and companionship.

Places to give & volunteer:

Thanksgiving Salvation Army Dinner @ Prescott Mile High Middle School Check out their Facebook page or call 928.778.0150 for more information. 

Yavapai County Food Bank - accepting donations, also hosting the Flying High Turkey Drive at local Frys grocery stores on November 25. Donate a turkey or two or three! For more information, check out their Facebook page.

The United Methodist Church is hosting a Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday, November 27 from 5-6 PM in their sanctuary. Call 928.778.1950 to volunteer or for more information.

Turkey Day 5K for those that are keeping an eye on healthy choices! The event takes place from 7:30 AM - 11 at Prescott Mile High Middle School. Check out their Facebook page to participate or volunteer. For more information, email: Proceeds to benefit the Courthouse lighting. 

Do you know of any other community Thanksgiving events? Send us an email at and provide the details!

Planning Your Thanksgiving Dinner

We know that some people's plan is to find somewhere else to go to for the big day! There’s nothing wrong with that! While you’re there, get recipes of your favorite dishes, because next year, they may be coming to your home!

For those getting ready to host the crew, now is the time to start planning. 

Checklist for this week:

√ Get a rough count of how many are coming

√ Decide where you will seat them

√ Plan your menu

√ Decide what you can make in advance, and what you must cook on Thanksgiving Day

√ Make your shopping lists

√ Test out any new recipes you hope to use

If you need help with that, the Gold Project has created a kit for Thanksgiving planning printables. There are four sets, or you can purchase all of them at once in a bundle. Watch the YouTube video to see how she uses them.

One thing that you’ll want to know as soon as possible is how many people are coming, so you can be sure to have enough food. I always make extra because there’s nothing better than Thanksgiving leftovers. You’ll also want to take note of whether or not there are any vegans or vegetarians, because that may alter your menu plans.

One question you may have is how in the world you can seat the crowd? Trish, who has the 2 Again YouTube channel for empty-nesters suggests you use your garage if needed - dress it up with twinkly lights, set up the tables (she strongly suggests real plates!) and enjoy. 

How much turkey should you buy? Plan on one pound per person. If you have big eaters or want leftovers, buy more. 

Next, this is a great time to gather up your recipes, new and familiar. You have two or three weeks now to try them out and test them in a Thanksgiving Preview! I always like to mix it up at holidays with some tried and true recipes and add in a few surprises. 

The Food Network has prepared a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner Portion Planner that provides quantities based on how many guests you will entertain. Of course, it never hurts to plan for extra helpings!

One last thing you might enjoy - here is a fun video for a last minute Thanksgiving spread. There are some great ideas.

Tell us in the comments what’s on your menu this year!

Special Food Days

October 29: National Oatmeal Day

October 30: Candy Corn Day (Didn’t give all your candy corn away? Here are 30 recipes to help you out.)

October 31: National Caramel Apple Day Because if you’re going to make caramel apples, you might as well make them gourmet.

November 1: World Vegan Day

November 2: National Deviled Egg Day

November 3: National Sandwich Day

November 4: National Doughnut Day and National Chinese Takeout Day. (If you make your own Chinese food, you get extra points.)


November is Peanut Butter Lover’s Month and Pomegranate Month

Menu Ideas

We understand that between now and Thanksgiving, you still have to eat! Here are some ideas for you!

Main Dish

Creamy Mushroom Braised Meatloaf
He uses 3 meats, but you can use whatever you like.

Honey Garlic Recipe

3 Ways to Cook the Juciest Chicken Breast Ever

Pork Chops in the Oven - Extremely Tender & Juicy

With the colder temperatures, it’s a nice time to use the oven.

Fall Apart Tender London Broil Mississippi Roast

Stuffed Pork Chops 

(I bet you could make the pork chops in the Instant Pot.) They do a whole dinner here!

Fool-Proof Roast Chicken

Side Dishes

Guacamole with Pomegranate Seeds

Zucchini Lasagna

Apple Chai Spiced Cake

Could make a nice Thanksgiving dessert recipe

Italian Asparagus Sticks

Braising Pot Roast

Cantaloupe Smoothie Recipe

Nuts About Berries Salad

Food on Sale


Boneless steaks, 20% off @ Sprouts;
T-bone steak $4.97 lb. @Frys; 
Ribeye, T-bone or NY steaks $6.99 @ Safeway;
Boneless Rump Roast $5.99 @ Sprouts;
London Broil or Top Round $1.97 @ Safeway;
Ground beef, $3.99 @ Sprouts; $3.99 @ Frys; $2.97 @ Safeway
B/S Chicken, tenders $3.99 @ Sprouts; Boneless chicken breasts, buy one get 2 free; B/S chicken breasts $1.47 lb. Butcher block  @ Safeway;
Pork chops, center-cut, grilling pork chops $2.99 @ Sprouts; assorted $2.49 @Frys; Boneless pork loin chops $3.99 @ Safeway;
Whole Chickens, all natural $1.99 @ Sprouts; 
Salmon fillets, fresh, Atlantic $6.99 lb @Frys; 

Fruit and Vegetables

Strawberries, blueberries or raspberries - 4/$5 @ Sprouts; blueberries or raspberries 2/$4 @ Frys; 
Blackberries, $.77 @Frys; 
Grapes, red, green, black $.77 @Frys; 
Zucchini or yellow squash: $.98 lb. @ Sprouts; 
Pomegranates - 3/$5 @ Sprouts; 10/$10 @ Frys;
Cantaloupes, 2/$4 @ Sprouts; jumbo 2/$5 @ Safeway;
Campari Tomatoes O $2.98 @ Sprouts;
Apples, large Fuji or Envy $1.29 @ Frys;
Avocados, large 10/$10 @ Frys; $.99 each, large @ Safeway;
Asparagus, $2.99 lb @ Safeway;
Bulk cheese, Pepper jack, Swiss $3.99 @ Sprouts; 
Butter, 2/$5 @Frys; 

Other Good Deals

Late July Chips $.99 @ Sprouts;
Lays, Cheetos, Fritos, $1.77  @ Safeway;
Pillsbury Crescents, Grands, or Sweet Rolls, 10/$10 @Frys; 
Pizza, Alfredo Sauce, BOGO La Famiglia Del Grosso @ Sprouts.
Hershey’s assorted miniatures $3.49 @Frys; 

Special Sales

72 Hour Sale @ Sprouts

Avocados 2/$1, Pineapples 2/$3; Bacon or Sausage $2.99 lb.; Salmon fillets $5.99 lb; Happy Egg Co., Organic Fresh Range Eggs, BOGO; Bulk raw almonds, $3.99 lb.

Friday & Saturday Only Digital deal @Frys; 

  • Ice cream $1.99 ea; 
  • Quaker Cap’n Crunch or Life Cereal $.99
  • 3 lb. Frozen b/s chicken breasts $4.99

Buy 4 or More, save $1 each @ Frys

Pringles, Frito Lay Multipack snacks; Powerade or Powerade Zero 6 pack; Planters Peanuts; Arrowhead Spring Water; Hershey’s Mini-cups; Viva paper towels or Cottonelle Bath Tissue

Digital Deals  @ Safeway

  • Eggs, AA Large 12¢ each, limit 1;
  • Bacon, Smithfield $2.49, limit 4;
  • Oreos, Ritz Chips, $1.99  @ Safeway;
  • Folgers, Starbucks or Organic coffee $4.99

Buy 5, Save $1 each @ Safeway

Refreshe water; Breyer’s Ice Cream; Pillsbury Brownie, cake or frosting mix; Talenti ice cream; Mission tortillas; 



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