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Opinion: When Did An Accuser Become A Survivor

23 September 2018  

The Democrats use of vocabulary to spin any subject is a primer in creativity.


Most of those who are aware of the Democrat, leftist, progressive history in elections and Supreme Court confirmation hearings, were not the least bit surprised when California Senator Diane Feinstein went public with the fact that she gave a mysterious letter to the FBI. This letter accuses nominated Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of what amounted to a sexual assault some thirty six years ago. Senator Feinstein had this letter for over a month, but waited until the week before the confirmation vote before doing anything about it. Anyone but the most myopic leftist partisan would see this for what it is: a blatant attempt to postpone the Kavanaugh confirmation vote until after the midterm election.

One has to hand it to the leftist, progressive Democrats. Their use of vocabulary to spin any subject is a primer in creativity. They almost immediately started calling Kavanaugh's accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, a “survivor” or a “sexual assault survivor”. If she is referred to as an accuser, there is always the possibility in the listener's mind, that the accusation may not be factual. If she is a survivor, that implies that she is a survivor of a sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh. That more than somewhat diminishes any presumption of innocence for Kavanaugh.

Additionally, Christine Ford's attorney's demand that Judge Kavanaugh testify first, before his accuser, and that he not be able to rebut any of her testimony, negates hundreds of years of English Common Law and American legal tradition. In any criminal or civil proceedings, the prosecution or plaintiff (accuser) presents its case first. There is sound legal and logical reasons for this. How can anyone defend against a charge until he or she knows what the elements of the accusation are?

In the shadow of the #Me Too movement, the left is all aghast that Christine Ford isn't instantly believed, even though her accusation strains credulity. First, the timing of this revelation, just a week before Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation vote, is suspect. Secondly, Ms, Ford, her attorney and Democrat Senators are demanding an FBI investigation even though Judge Kavanaugh has already had five or six thorough FBI background checks for other judicial and political appointments. An FBI investigation would most probably take the confirmation vote past the date for the midterm elections.

The fact that Ford doesn't remember the date, time or location of the alleged assault, lends no credence to her claim. She didn't report it at the time, in fact, according to her account, she suppressed the memory of it for some thirty odd years, when it came up in a group therapy session. At that time she didn't mention Brett Kavanaugh. A man she claimed pulled Kavanaugh off of her during this attack says it never happened.

Yet the Democrats and most of the media and pundits state that she needs to have her story heard. I don't think she needs to be heard. There is not enough evidence here to open an investigation. No District or County Attorney would take this case to trial, In spite of the #Me Too movement, there are examples of women who have lied about being raped. Ask any sex crime investigator, male or female, and he or she can give you examples. The most publicized instance is the Duke Lacrosse case.

In my own experience, there was a case of a false claim where there was a lot more evidence. As a patrol sergeant in the early 1990s, I had to respond to a hospital where an alleged rape victim was being treated. The officer taking the initial report advised me that the victim had been tied up and raped. She had ligature marks on her wrists and ankles, which were photographed. She named the suspect, and reported the date, time and location, and graphically told how the suspect had tied her up and raped her.

As the sergeant, I advised her of what victim services she could receive and what she might expect in the way of PDSD. She sounded credible and acted like someone who had been raped. A few days later, the officer who took the report told me that all charges were dropped against the named suspect. The detective handling the case said that the alleged victim liked to be tied up during sex. Calling the police afterward was part of her fantasy. She had done this twice before in Orange County and always called and canceled the report a day or so after her report. Filing a false police report is a crime, but I never heard if they filed on this alleged victim. I doubt that they did because prevailing wisdom at the time was that charging a woman who made a false claim of rape would discourage real victims from filing righteous reports.

The vast majority of those women who claim to have been sexually assaulted, really have been, and there is usually some evidence other than the claim of the victim. Not all of them are actual victims. A false accusation is a crime and should be prosecuted. Like a rape itself, the false claim can ruin a life. Christine Blasey Ford is not a survivor. She's an accuser and not a very believable one at that.

Buz Williams