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Opinion: In Defense of Old White Men

07 October 2018  

"To dismiss the accomplishments of men, not just old white men, those who denigrate them wish to rewrite history…"

The greatest benefit of freedom of speech is that it allows the exchange of ideas. The second greatest benefit is that it highlights hypocrisy, unmasks illogical arguments, and exposes the lunacy of those that espouse them. Nothing personifies the latter like the Democrats' opposition statements to the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. 

Witness the outright hypocrisy of Senator Richard Blumenthal, (who “misspoke” on several occasions about serving in Viet Nam), inferring that Judge Kavanaugh is a liar. Blumenthal took hypocrisy to a new level when he brought up the legal term “falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus,” which means basically, if you are caught in a lie once, how can you be believed in anything else you say. Thanks for bringing that up, Senator. Why should anyone believe you now?

Look at all of the illogical statements by Democrats stating why Kavanaugh's accusers, Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick should be believed. It is never logical to believe any accuser, without evidence, witnesses or corroboration. Our whole nation would become a gulag if that absurd notion becomes the standard. 

None of the left's statements top the one of Hawaiian Senator Mazie Hirono, for the lunacy that it shows. In a prime presentation of an oxymoron, Hirono called on the men of this country to “shut up and step up” and “do the right thing for a change”. Forget the fact that it would be hard to do the right thing when you step up, if you are required to shut up, also. The most irritating phrase in her verbal judo, is that men need to do the right thing, “for a change.”

In these days of near total political correctness, the separation of people into groups by gender, race, economic status and sexual preference, the only group that can be vilified, castigated and blamed for society's wrongs are old white men. In fact, that was who Senator Hirono was directing her caustic statements to, the old white Republican men in the Senate. I'm an old white man and I don't apologize for it. Here are some of the “right things” men, both old and young, black, white, red and yellow, did “for a change”: 

Old white men founded this country, wrote the Declaration of Independence, created a new form of government in writing and implementing the Constitution. The lucky young white men who fought the Revolutionary War, matured into old white men. Young white men fought a war to end slavery. Old white men passed laws that outlawed slavery, gave black men the right to vote and gave women the right to vote.

Young men, the majority of them white men who grew into old white men, fought wars to end fascism in World War II and stop communist aggression in Korea. Old white men set policies that stopped the spread of communism and won the Cold War. Old white men found cures for polio and many other diseases that have plagued mankind for centuries. 

To dismiss the accomplishments of men, not just old white men, those who denigrate them wish to rewrite history in a vain attempt to create a globalist, progressive, socialist country. The fact that attempts at these societies have never worked before has no effect on them. Senator Mazie Hirono should apologize to all men or take her own advice and “shut up” and then step down from her Senate seat.