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Opinion: Change

12 November 2018  

Take a deep breath and enjoy the quiet - finally your phone isn’t ringing with robocalls.

With the midterm elections just concluded, it's time to take a deep breath and enjoy the quiet that results when one's phone isn't constantly ringing and pinging with political robocalls and texts. It's nice to watch TV with regular commercials rather than the political hit pieces that clutter the airwaves. Having stated the obvious, let me return to the realm of civic debate. During these endless months of election rhetoric, it has become apparent, at least to me, that the differing political groups are really at polar opposites.

The Trump/Constitutional conservative wing of the Republican Party wants less government, fewer regulations, lower taxes and judges and justices who interpret the Constitution and enacted laws in a way they were originally written. The far left, Obama/Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrat Party, (I know Bernie's an Independent, but he caucuses with the Democrats and ran for president in that party), desires more government, more regulations, more taxes and judges and justices who believe the Constitution is a “living, breathing” document that should be interpreted in the light of today's changing times.

The establishment wing of both the Democrat and Republican parties seems to want the situation to stay the way it has been for the last three decades. That situation provides a big advantage to incumbents, which explains a lot. The largest portion of political donations almost always goes to the incumbents.

So how does one read the positions taken by these diverse groups? The status quo is favored by the establishment of both parties, so any change in our system would be slow and gradual. Consensus would determine any change.

When Obama was first elected President, he told his voters that they were bringing about a fundamental change in our country. That was the most transparent thing he said until he left office. This wing of the Democrat Party started to implement their agenda of more government control, higher taxes, more regulation and the appointment of “living, breathing” justices. This included pushing their social agenda of gay marriage, transsexual restrooms, government takeover of health care, restriction of religious freedom, open borders and gun control among other things. 

The fringe left wing needs more governmental control and more extra-Constitutional judicial interpretations, because their agenda is so unpopular that almost every time these issues come to public vote, they lose by a large margin. They can't and never have been able to convince a majority of the voters and legislatures to amend the Constitution to their way of thinking, so they need the force of judicially legislative opinions to force an unwilling populace to bend to their will. 

As regard to their socialist agenda, higher taxes are needed for them to redistribute wealth. Even though socialism and/or communism have never worked anywhere they've been tried, each new generation thinks that they can do it right even though every other attempt has failed.

The Trump/Constitutional conservatives don't so much want change, as a return to the Constitutional democratic republic that the Founding Fathers wanted for our country. They want the Congress to make laws, the President and the executive branch to enforce these laws and the courts to ensure that all three branches of government stay within the limits set by the Constitution. The Trump wing realizes that both the legislative and executive branches of government have allowed the judicial branch to exceed its authority and have not exercised the Constitutional checks available to them to reign in judicial abuse of power. The quickest and most expedient way to do this now, is to appoint strict constructionist justices. The success of these principles in our history would indicate that a return to them would be the most worthwhile change for our country.