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Opinion: There's No 'Your Truth' Or 'My Truth,' Just Truth

02 December 2018  

What is truth?

You hear it in the media, on college campuses, from millennials and aging leftest former hippies. “My truth may differ from your truth.” “My truth tells me to go in this direction.” Etcetera, ad nauseum. The implication is that truth is a variable, subject to each individual's interpretation. Historical and dictionary definitions of truth is that it is real, actual things, events and facts. It is, therefore, not subject to individual interpretation. 

There are areas where an individual's or a small group of individuals' idea of what is truth, reigns supreme. Essentially, these are countries that are controlled by dictators. It doesn't matter if the country is run by a single fascist dictator or a communist politburo. What the dictator or oligarchy states is truth, will be enforced, no matter how contrary to actual fact it is. It is not real truth. It is a false truth imposed by ruthless power. 

One of the most effective ways of destroying a societal culture is to distort, confuse or change its definition of truth. This is happening every day in our unending culture war. It would be hilariously funny if it were not for the harm it is doing to our children and our culture, 

Gender identification is the area that exhibits the most egregious attack on truth. Since the beginning of time, with very rare exceptions, there have only been two human sexes: male and female. Suddenly, in the last decade or so, some pseudo scientists are claiming that there are as many as 72 or more sexes. Surely, there is a psychosis or two where a person believes he or she not a man or woman but is one or more of these other 72 sexes, but a psychosis is a mental disease, not a truth. 

This obscuring of the line between the reality of two sexes and the fiction of more than two, plays into the hands of those who want unisex bathrooms, locker rooms and sports teams. Puberty and adolescence are rough enough to go through without the addition of progressive psychobabble about 72 different genders. Eliminating the truth of two sexes also lends a certain left handed legitimacy to one of the smallest, saddest and most confused groups of human beings: transgenders. When truth was based on fact, transgenders, (who are estimated to be way less than 1 percent of the population, with attempt suicide rates above 40%) were considered to have a mental illness. Now, in many circles it's considered a cause celebre'. 

Immigration is another area where truth has been attacked. Since the George W. Bush administration it has been estimated that there were 11 million illegal aliens in this country. That was the stat that was used by Democrats and some Republicans in the 2016 election. With about two million illegals making it into the US each year during the Bush and Obama presidencies, mathematics, (a true science), alone proves that the illegal population would have to be much higher. Ann Coulter is probably much closer to the truth when she states that there are tens of millions more than estimated.

Currently, the main stream media's truth is that the caravan coming through Mexico from Central America is just a bunch of harmless refugees seeking asylum. They ignore and fail to report that some of the caravan are MS13 members, that 90% of them are men and that they are being financed. Many of them are carrying flags of the home country. The truth is, if you are marching toward another country with the intent to enter it, carrying the flag of your country of origin, you are not a refugee, you are an invader.

In a society that believes in the my truth/your truth fallacy, there is no real truth. With no real truth, there is no right or wrong. With no right or wrong, there is anarchy. That might be the whole idea. 



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