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11 March 2019  

Asking Why?

Why do progressives in politics and the media report and promote things that are patently untrue and provably false? Why do they jump to conclusions and then, if the reporting or message is too blatantly wrong, later have to retract or clarify their statements? Why do progressive reporters ignore stories that go against their narrative, even if they are newsworthy, topical and timely?

Why do those on the far left in academia, politics and the media label those who disagree with them on crime, immigration and culture, racist? If one points to radical feminist failures, the damage that movement has done to marriage and the family, why is that person called a misogynist?

Why do they claim that giving the most qualified person a job, regardless of race, sex, or national origin is discriminatory. Why does the radical left think that “diversity” in a work environment is more important than the skills, honesty and work ethic of the people in the work place?

Why do they perpetuate the myth that ALL illegal aliens are honest, hardworking and are a net benefit to this country? Why are any statistics proffered to show higher crime, drug and human trafficking, or more disease in the illegal population, tagged as scare tactics and racist? (30 percent of all federal prisoners are illegal aliens. Tuberculosis, typhoid, whooping cough and hepatitis are all on the rise because illegals come into our country without being checked). 

Why do the radicals on the left make the assertion that illegal aliens contribute more than they cost, an assertion that can be totally debunked by government statistics. Billions of dollars are spent every year on welfare for children of illegal aliens, for food assistance and Medicaid for illegals and their families, not to mention the cost of schooling them and imprisoning those who commit and are convicted of crimes. 

Why do those on the far left of the Democrat party promote the fiction that there are 73 or more sexes when biologists can prove that there are only two? In addition to sex, why do they want to change the definition of marriage? Why do they praise all single mothers? Certainly, some deserve accolades, but a single woman who has seven children by five separate men and lets the taxpayers support her “family” doesn't deserve kudos. Similarly, men who don't support their children, either monetarily or as a father figure, are detrimental to our society and should be exposed as such. 

There are a couple of reasons why the far left progressives lie, distort, ignore stories that counter their views and label those with whom they disagree, with pejorative names. The first reason is that they can muster no logical or salient arguments to counter those who are in disagreement with them. They know that if they engaged in debate, the public would see how groundless, silly and unimaginative their beliefs are. 

The second reason is that progressivism is the new religion of the left. Like all religions, there are certain tenets that must be taken on faith. They cannot be proven clinically. So no matter how absurd they appear, the left will believe, espouse and promote them. No matter how much scientific or logical evidence is presented to them, they will not believe it, because it violates the tenets of their secular religious beliefs. Those that challenge those beliefs must be racists, misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes or other types of extremists. Progressives believe that these things are for the betterment of mankind, regardless of proof to the contrary. 




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