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The Roots of Victim Mentality

16 June 2019  

About Tattle Tales and Crybabies

When we were kids, those of us in the baby boomer generation found two types behavior reprehensible. When we saw the behaviors we would mock those who practiced them. We called them crybabies and tattle tales. When either of these behaviors were seen, the other kids would ridicule the offenders with little chants and songs. There are two of these taunts that I remember: “Cry baby Tootsie Toes, lost her needle and couldn't sew,” and “Tattle Tale, Tattle Tale, hanging on a bull's tail, when the bull begins to pee, you may have your cup of tea.” There were other rhymes for other behavior most kids found loathsome, but I can't bring them to mind right now. 

In today's antiseptic, politically correct society, these activities would be looked upon as bullying or ganging up on the kid who was the object of these poems. The group confrontation of the offending kid was neither bullying or ganging up. What it was, what it almost always is, is socialization. Most children learn when other kids express their disapproval of something they did. Those individuals that do not learn those lessons, become a grating annoyance to the rest of us. Like fingernails on a chalkboard, the screeching emitted by these modern day cry babies and tattle tellers causes those that hear it to want to get as far away as possible from the sound. 

The lesser of these two evils is probably the tattle tale. Not to be confused with a witness, who has a moral and civic obligation to come forward after witnessing a crime, a tattle tale will rat out a neighbor to the home owners association, often anonymously, for some minor infraction. “The resident at 711 Cloud Nine Lane, put up a brick wall that is ¼ inch over the five foot limit.” My next door neighbor painted his house two shades darker than can be considered “earth tones” as required by our HOA. These tattle tale complaints are very often vindictive and petty, but none the less annoying and sometimes costly. 

Cry babies today are a ubiquitous. The whines of these fully grown infants can be heard every day. When you disagree with them, you will hear the cacophony. If one expresses an opinion that those who receive government assistance should be required to pass a drug test before receiving taxpayer money, these snivelers will loudly proclaim that those who verbalize such ideas are racists. (They fail to see the irony in their own racist belief that most of those on government assistance are of minority races.)

The same goes for pro-abortion advocates. If one doesn't believe that abortion should be legal and free up until birth or that a baby who survives an abortion should be allowed to die, then the whiners will scream that those who hold those ideals are sexist and misogynists. If one believes, for whatever reason, but particularly for religious reasons, that marriage is only between one man and one woman, the modern day crybabies will yell at the top of their lungs that those who think that way are religious zealots and homophobes. Those who think we need a wall at the border are xenophobes. 

Any ideas that are contrary to what the elite whiners believe will be dubbed with some pejorative, esoteric classification. That is because the crybabies, whiners and tattle tellers can't win an argument with logic and common sense so they have to be loud and insulting to those who disagree. They have no cogent ideas to counter logic and common sense. 

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