Today: Apr 01 , 2020

Opinion: Where is the Loyal Opposition?

13 October 2019  

The only thing the Democrats have done is obstruct legislation...

Like our language, much of our legal system and government are based on that of England. While the British would beg to differ, most Americans would argue that we have improved on the English parliamentary method. Still, we borrow words and phrases from each other and have since the beginning of our colonial period. 

One of the phrases we've adopted from the British Isles is “the loyal opposition.” It was first used in the British Parliament almost 200 years ago and was meant to convey the idea that although the minority party had differing views and positions from the majority, they still had allegiance to the foundation and form of government.

Merriam-Webster defines the phrase as “a minority party especially in a legislative body whose opposition to the party in power is constructive, responsible, and bounded by loyalty to fundamental interests and principles”. Keeping in mind the above explanation and definition, since Trump has been elected President, where has “the loyal opposition” been? 

From his first day in office, President Trump has been faced with opposition that is not “constructive, responsible, and bounded by loyalty to fundamental interests and principles”. Whether it was the Woman's March the day after Trump's inauguration, the unending calls for impeachment, Antifa or any of the many radical groups that make up the so-called “Resistance”, their leadership and members demonstrate the antithesis of loyalty to our form, foundation or means to govern. 

What is the excuse for the Democrat Party which is supposed to adhere to the Constitution, not evade it? Rather than address the many problems that face the American people, and they are many, the Democrats pursue endless investigations to find nonexistent evidence of alleged crimes committed by President Trump in order to impeach him. The President has expressed willingness to work with the Democrats to create legislation to fix our infrastructure, lower prescription medication prices, fix our broken immigration policies and work together on any other issue that would help our people. A loyal opposition would work within the frame work of our government to do just that. 

The only thing the Democrats have done is obstruct legislation that would improve the lives of the people living in this country and try to circumvent the last presidential election. There are several reasons they are doing this in my opinion. First, the Democrats believe that if they work with President Trump to solve many of the problems facing us, Trump will get credit. Second, if Trump's policies are effective, and they are, this will show the voters how bankrupt Obama's and the progressive policies have been. Without their help, the President has slashed unemployment and welfare rolls, he has brought back companies and manufacturing jobs to America. He has cut regulations and raised the economy to its highest level. He has slowed illegal immigration and started building large segments of the border wall. 

Finally, it would seem as if President Trump is not successfully impeached and convicted, he will be reelected, the Republicans will likely increase their majority in the Senate and gain seats in the House if they don't take it back completely. What the Democrats are doing with their rabid anti-Trump initiatives, is expose themselves as do nothing legislators, anti-American globalists and resistant to policies that help every day American citizens. They have also shown themselves to be the exact opposite of “the loyal opposition”.