Today: Dec 13 , 2019


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Opinion: Time to Leave

When is enough enough?

Christmas Heroes

Recognizing every day heroes.

Opinion: Has The Left Gone Completely Crazy?

Is there an open assault on common sense?

Opinion: The Art Of Compromise

Will Congress learn to compromise with a divided legislature?

Opinion: There's No 'Your Truth' Or 'My Truth,' Just Truth

What is truth?

A free press is essential to our democratic republic. 

Opinion: Random Thoughts

From Chicken Little to a deer in the road. 

Opinion: Change

Take a deep breath and enjoy the quiet - finally your phone isn’t ringing with robocalls.

We are the sons and daughters of the Greatest Generation.

Opinion: In Defense of Old White Men

"To dismiss the accomplishments of men, not just old white men, those who denigrate them wish to rewrite history…"

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