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Big Daddy E's BBQ and Catering

04 October 2019   Shawn Shipley

Big Daddy E's is at 380 Butterfield Rd. in Chino Valley.

"Hi, everyone, you all may know me as Bob, the talking Bull. There aren't too many of us talking cows, but we are a vocal minority. However, I harbor a dark and sinister secret. Yes, I am a cannibal. There, I said it!

The problem is, us cows are freaking delicious! Once I had that first bite of beef, I was hooked. I knew I had to have it.Yes, I know it is wrong, a Bull like me eating his friends, but I can't and frankly, don't want to stop. So, I mooooved on over to Big Daddy E's in Chino Valley. I have to tell you, I was in cannibal heaven!"

Front of Big Daddysweb.jpg

Beef Brisket served hot and moist, tri-tip, so meaty and rich, I had to munch down on a plate.How can I describe the Brisket? Moist, but not too wet, a nice smoke ring and the flavor... oh, so good. It makes me want to toss myself into the smoker. The Tri-Tip has that meaty beef flavor that makes a cow go MOOOOOOOO!

I had the ribs from my Piggy friends. Ralph was tasty, a good rib and a nice change from all the beefy goodness. Poor Ralph, but Oh well! If you cannot decide on which tasty meat, get the Sampler Plate; pulled pork, brisket and ribs.

inside Big Daddysweb.jpg

What more could you want? You want some darned good side dishes? Well, get ready to be amazed, cuz they got em! Mac and Cheese that sticks to...well, my ribs, Jalapeno Coleslaw for that cool heat, beans made the old fashioned way. Not sure what that is... Hey, I'm a Bull. We don't cook a lot.

Now, one last thing I have to mention. Soups.. They have them during the colder months.. Tri-tip Chili, Clam Chowder and the oh so fantastic, Gumbo. I would drive Farmer John's tractor over a pit of snakes just to get a bowl of that Gumbo. And I hate snakes! Best Gumbo I have had in a long time. Although as a Bull, I don't get south too often.

So, now the problems. They are only open Tuesday-Thursday from 11am to 5pm and on Friday, from 11am to 7pm. They are closed Sat-Mon for Catering. Now, for the more urbane bull like me, I can get over there during the day, no problem. Sometimes, I bring my bevy of cow beauties with me. For some reason, they get kind of anxious when we go there.

On Friday Nights, there is live music on the patio and the Smoked Prime Rib is available. I personally knew the steer where this came from and he was a tender dude. Get the big portion and go to town! Come on over to Chino Valley, behind Chase Bank and get some of the best BBQ around. Take it from me, and that ain't no bull! Well, I am the bull, but that ain't no bull.. Sorry, confusing. Just go there, get some beef. Tell them Bob the Bull says Hi!

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