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18 October 2019   Shawn Shipley

A review of Carmella's Restaurant, at 120 N. Montezuma St. in Prescott.

Hiya Folks, Shawn here to tell you a story about the night that myself, Nathan Fillion and Charo partied. It was so craz... Buzzz... crackle... We are the Illuminati and we have taken over this Food Review. We, the Illuminati are trying to put a friendlier face on ourselves. Trying to soften the blow of being your overlords, the secret organization. So, we thought we would do a food review. We hope that you like it. If not... we know where you live.

We went several times to Carmella's in Downtown Prescott. We tried both breakfast as well as dinner and we have things to say. For Breakfast, we had the Tenderloin Benedict as well as a Pumpkin Waffle Special. The waffle came out with a vanilla whipped cream and candied dusty pecans. It was wonderful, like a Charlie Brown Halloween. Yum Yum. (Pause for Laughter.) The Benedict had a small problem as one of the eggs was too hard boiled and had a well done center. Not a big deal, but it was not consistent with the other egg. We at the Illuminati frown upon inconsistency. The taste was fantastic. Nice lemony hollandaise sauce, and the tenderloin lived up to its name. We would buy this again.

Tenderloin Benedict and Pumpkin Waffleweb.jpg

For Dinner, we had the Saganaki, a Greek Flaming cheese made with Sheep's Milk, normally like a Houlami. It is doused in an alcohol and set aflame, then add lemon. Served hot and melty. They serve theirs with a thin crispy bread, like a Naan bread. Very flavorful, a nice gooey appetizer. From Greece, we hopped on over to Italy. We popped over to the Campania region for some Linguine with Clams. A classic dish made with "little tongues" linguine pasta. They add crab meat to the sauce for extra richness and add the in-shell clams as a topping. You didn't know the Illuminati were so well versed in various cuisines. But we are. We are Worldwide! Sorry, trying to be nicer. The dish was huge, lots of nice plump clams, over some al dente noodles and a delectable sauce. Highly recommended. The only niggle with us was the addition of the crab meat. It's a dish that doesn't need another star. Still, another dish we would have again. We give Carmella's 4 Snouts.

Linguine and Clamsweb.jpg


So, there you have it. The Friendlier Illuminati. We hope that you have enjoyed our trip to the Mediterranean in food and if not.. We will find you. Now back to Shawn... Buzzz... crackle and folks, when that Nun popped out of the cake, well, it was wild. Cool. I have never been able to tell that story. Hey... Who is knocking on my door?