Today: Jul 04 , 2020

Hungry Badger Food Truck

29 May 2020   Shawn Shipley

The Hungry Badger usually parks at theat the Prescottonian Best Western on Gurley.


And now... for your reading pleasure, I shall now jump from 100' up into a glass of water! Here I go! Several tense seconds pass. TA DA, I made it! Now, wasn't that exciting? It's not often you get to read about someone jumping 100 feet into a glass of water.

So, in that spirit, I am going to paint a picture in your mind, a picture so stunning, so precise and yet so Indomita... so indomni... so indomia... so darned good that I am confident you will line up and just get some good grub.

I am talking about the Hungry Badger Food Truck which normally hangs out at the Prescottonian Best Western right near the start of the hill going to PV. Ryan and his team serve up some of the best rustic and tasty chow in the area. There is always something new on the menu, from Pork Belly tacos, to Ahi Tuna cooked just right with a wasabi sauce that can cause small fires.


It is truly a fun place to go. Wander up to the window, and just ask them for the specials or choose from the standard menu. You will surely find something tasty. I asked him for something Keto friendly. He whipped up a delicious pulled pork green chili concoction that was both tasty and low carb. If you love carbs, he can probably toss on a chocolate cake.

Try the Philly Cheese steak, lots of finely cut beef, sauteed onions, peppers and oh, that melty provolone cheese. Watch as you take a bite and the cheese stretches for miles. Or try the Crab Tostada. Lots of crab meat fresh veggies on a crunchy tostada.

What I am saying is... get on down there and get some tasty grub. 4 Snouts, and well deserved. So, drop by their Facebook page and find out where the truck will be. Sometimes they hang out at the Windsock Lounge and who knows where else you will find it.