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Opinion: Councilman Lamerson Offers Congratulations to Candidates

03 June 2017   Jim Lamerson

Councilman Lamerson offers his congratuations to the Council and Mayoral candidates.

June 1, 2017


To the nine candidates for Mayor and City Council:  

Amongst this busy election cycle I would like to publicly congratulate and thank each Mayoral and City Council candidate who vies to serve Prescott. While I may not agree with every one of your political positions, I admire and respect each one of you. Having gone through this process several times myself, I know that it can be arduous and that it not only affects you personally but all those who are a part of your life. 

Whether your election bid is successful or not you have subjected your personal lives, family, and businesses to public scrutiny, criticism, and ridicule. This is not easy, but I want to thank you for being willing put all of this on the line to stand up and serve this community. It should be greatly appreciated by all.    


Jim Lamerson
Mayor Pro Tem