Today: Jul 12 , 2020

Opinion: There May Be No More Important Investment Than Education

06 May 2018   Supervisor Jack Smith

Education: Our most important investment

Growing up, nothing came easy for my siblings and me. Our parents both worked full time to make ends meet. Nevertheless, we always felt like our future was bright. That is because our parents instilled in us the notion that hard work pays off and can make any dream possible. Those are the beliefs I hold today along with the fact that a good education may not open more doors for my future but they will never close them. 

It’s clear Governor Ducey shares these values as well. The budget he proposed and signed on Thursday makes historic investments in our public schools - and the opportunities they provide. 

I have spent many hours at the legislature working on behalf of the citizens of Yavapai County and I can tell you that under Governor Ducey’s plan, teachers will receive a long awaited, well-earned 20% pay raise, showing our educators that Arizona values and respects the important work they do. 

The budget also restores recession-era cuts for additional assistance. These dollars will help improve school infrastructure, buy new textbooks, upgrade technology, and help pay support staff. 

The governor’s plan does not rely on gimmicks or shell games. New dollars are added to these programs thanks to a thriving economy. It is also responsible and sustainable. The budget maintains the largest structural balance of any budget in over a decade and it does it all without raising taxes on anyone. 

For our kids and their future, there may be no more important investment we make than in education. I for one appreciate the governor's investments in Arizona that will make a tremendous difference for Yavapai County students and teachers now and for years into the future. I thank Governor Ducey for his leadership and for prioritizing education in Arizona.

Jack Smith, Supervisor