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Opinion: Thank You, Governor Ducey!

12 May 2018   Dr. Billie Orr

Councilwoman Billie Orr expresses her appreciation to Dr. Billie Orr.

May 11, 2018

Thank you Governor Ducey!

It has been my honor to serve as a teacher and principal in Arizona public schools for 20 years, as well as Arizona's Associate Superintendent of Public Instruction for all K-12 public districts and public charter schools. Most recently as a member of the Board of Arizona Town Hall, I participated in the 110th Arizona Town Hall which focused on funding PreK-12 education. Town halls were held across the state to incubate ideas and generate conversations about the need to better invest in our education system. I know the value of these investments for our future and believe they would not be possible without a vibrant and growing economy. 

Over his three plus years in office, Governor Ducey has focused on bringing better jobs and economic opportunities to our state. Under his leadership, Arizona is now a top five state to do business. We have added more than 160,000 private sector jobs. As a local elected official, I appreciate the fact that because of this economic growth, there’s new revenue to invest for essential services like public safety and public education. 

Consider also that when the governor took office, Arizona had a $1 billion budget deficit. Now, the budget is balanced, we are investing in schools and teachers, and the state’s Rainy Day Fund stands at a solid $467 million. 

Governor Ducey’s education budget sets Arizona on a path for success for years to come, and I sincerely appreciate the Legislators working with the Governor to pass this budget. These historic investments in our schools will provide significantly more pay for our hardworking teachers, update facilities, improve technology and bring better services to our students.

With a growing economy, we can ensure priorities like teachers and students get the resources they deserve. This is a winning formula for Arizona, one beneficial for all our state's residents, and we have Governor Ducey to thank. 


Billie Orr

Billie Orr