Today: Feb 29 , 2020

Opinion: It is Time We Stand Up and Fight Back!

26 July 2018   Patricia Gillenwater

Stand up and fight!

My fellow registered Republicans, Conservatives and yes all who reside on the left time to stop allowing those in The District to drive division through their political war games they mount against each other. When we allow those who play the game to infiltrate our mind and soul are not we the people made casualties of their war games?

Not only are we ourselves a casualty so then are the state and communities that we reside and indeed our Republic.

Worse these top down political war games are all too often adopted by leadership within the organizations that operate within our community for our chosen party. When our organizations become infected our leaders of I find inept at the finely-honed gamesmanship of professional politicians. They end up looking like fools and causing further damage to the party of which we register. They will callously bash one of their own candidates for an assortment of motivations. It matters not to the political war players who they takedown. Method they use, reason justified false the goal is to destroy. I say call them to account and let them know not in your name, not on your watch.

It is a fact that politicians, party leaders and leaders within party organizations will not cease their destructive games on their own and that means to me that to stop these players of political games falls on each of us no matter our party affiliations.

We all can not allow ourselves to be all consuming victims of the political war games the various characters play. Stand up, fight back! Let them know not on your watch.

Let’s join forces and hold the disgusting political war mongers accountable no matter where along the party ladder they are clinging to.

Patricia Gillenwater Committeewoman
Dewey, AZ