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My Perspective: The Case for Creation Science

13 October 2019   David McNabb

Understanding the basic laws of science. 

Creation science is a huge topic, drawing from the 200 branches of science, archeology, history, logic and the Bible. This makes it inexhaustible, which makes it hard to know where to start. We'll start this series of articles on the basic laws of science which the story of evolution violates.

Basic Scientific Laws

Evolution theory has no answers and no evidence to support it. The law of Biogenesis states that life can only come from preexisting life. Christianity or Intelligent Design (ID) has a preexisting cause - an all powerful God, but evolution theory does not.

The first law of Thermodynamics states that matter cannot be created or destroyed. Christianity & ID gets around this law by the intervention of an all-powerful God that made the natural laws and who is the creator of all matter, but evolution theory breaks this law.

The 2nd law of Thermodynamics states that heat and useable energy is dissipating, which causes everything to run down and fall apart (or die) over time. This law is why everything gets worse over time, but evolution theory states that everything gets better over time, even though this defies this law and everything that we observe.

The law of Cause and Effect states that every effect must have a cause that is equal to or greater than the effect. Evolution theory has no answer for what caused the universe, but Christianity and ID have the only possible answer that can account for the massive effect of the universe - an all-powerful God.

The law of the Conservation of Angular Momentum states that when matter that is spinning explodes, all particles coming off the matter will spin in the same direction the exploding matter was spinning. When we look at the moons, we see many going in the opposite direction, planets and even galaxies going in the "wrong" direction. Evolution can not break this law, but an all powerful God can. You see that evolution theory violates these basic laws of known science and Christianity or ID do not. 

Teaching Scientific Foundations

Lastly, evolution theory is not even science, because all empirical science must follow the scientific method, which consists of: 1) making an observation; 2) forming an hypothesis based on your observation; 3) performing experiments to try to prove your hypothesis correct; 4) having repeatable results. The only part of the scientific method that evolution theory does is making a hypothesis, and they have made plenty of these, which are changing all the time.

So my question is, why are we teaching a faulty hypothesis in the public schools that goes against the known laws of science as if it were a fact? Why don’t we show the students any of the mountain of REAL scientific evidence that prove evolution theory to be wrong? When you teach faulty hypotheses as fact, this you are not educating students, you are brainwashing them! 

Our school districts are afraid to take on the system that promotes this lie, but I challenge them to do so. It is what's best for our students, and the right thing to do. In future articles we will explore mountain of scientific evidence that mitigates against the story of evolution.

You can learn more about creation science by going to the 3-hour, free quarterly creation science seminars, hosted by various churches in the tri-city area. The next one will be at Vineyard Church in Prescott Valley on Oct. 19 from 2-5. The two topics presented at this one will be how the ice age & dinosaurs fit into the Bible. There are Q & A sessions after every talk in the seminars. 

The very best way to learn creation science is to go on the creation tour of the Grand Canyon, which goes from Prescott in the spring & the fall. The fall tour will be on Nov. 2. Call David McNabb for more info at 771-1218.