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Jim Lamerson Thanks Prescott's Citizens

14 November 2019   Jim Lamerson

An Open Letter to Prescott's Citizens 

It has been an extreme honor serving you as a City Councilman for the past sixteen years. I am proud of our accomplishments. During the recession, maintaining the basic services and infrastructure was critical to the quality of life in Prescott was essential. I am especially honored to have been part of the healing process after the tragic loss of our 19 firefighters. Our day of infamy is etched in my heart and soul forever.

The purchase of some $18 million dollars worth of open space in and around the Dells was a great start to a dream Councilman Blair, myself, and others shared. We sparked an effort to create a natural preserve of 4, 000-7, 000 acres between private, city, and state-owned properties in and around the Dells. I hope that comes to fruition, but not at the expense of private property rights.

Negotiation will be necessary with respect towards constitutional rights.

Having been twice Board Chairman of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce, I maintain Prescott still needs to address housing affordability for those dedicated to providing Prescott's basic services, medical care, educational opportunity, vocational needs and other quality of life essentials that make Prescott the best hometown in the United States. Having helped draft the General Plan that has been repeatedly approved by you, the citizens of Prescott, I encourage everyone to move forward with this endeavor. It can help in recognizing traffic issues impacting our major arterials, entryways and exits, and the economic drain of our productivity while affording Prescott the opportunity to address and influence our environmental concerns.

Make no mistake - growth, whether in the city or outside of the city, will continue. Rational growth rates are addressed in the General Plan, which you the residents approved and can readdress when you take issue with what is in the plan. Remembering it is Prescott's General Plan, not the region's, helped me understand a narrow channel of influence. Our assured water portfolio is ours to manage through a City Council-City Manager form of government. We are a municipal corporation with a board of directors, CEO, and stockholders with private property rights, which include our water and intellectual property (identity, etc.).

I am still here and will help. After all, it is my hometown too. For the time being it will be in a different capacity though. God bless you all, and again -THANK YOU. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.