Today: Apr 07 , 2020

Opinion: Support Outlaw Dirty Money

15 February 2020   Prescott Councilman Steve Blair

Councilman Steve Blair writes in support of 'Outlaw Dirty Money.'

I would like to encourage all Arizona registered voters to take a look at the nonpartisan citizen's initiative, "Outlaw Dirty Money - Voters' Right to Know." This effort is cofounded by former AZ Attorneys General Terry Goddard (Dem), Republican Tom Horne (GOP) and former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson (Independent). Supporters of this initiative are working to get it on the 2020 ballot for a vote. This proposed amendment to the AZ state constitution would begin requiring prompt disclosure of the larger campaign donors in statewide and local elections, once certain funding thresholds are met. The reason for an AZ state constitutional amendment is keep it from being altered by the state legislature. Administered by the AZ Clean  Elections Commission, subject donors could appeal this disclosure requirement for legitimate concerns. 

Currently, corporations and wealthy in-state and out-of-state parties can donate unlimited and anonymous money to political action committees (PACs) via 501C4s. The PACs then create the attack ads that color our elections. These ads are often mean and twisted. There is little-to-no 

accountability for the false messaging, and the special interests get hidden from the voters. You can see more at

I hope you will consider signing the petition and voting for this initiative - Montana enacted something similar in 2015. All parties would play by the same transparency rules. Voters would benefit by the new accountability - and maybe, just maybe, our campaign elections will be more honest and civil.