Today: May 25 , 2020

Opinion: It's an Election Year. Ask Questions.

27 February 2020   Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.

Ask these five questions of the candidates that will seek to represent you in office.

Below are five questions with suggested guideline answers I beseech you to ask each and every candidate seeking elected office this coming November. I beseech you to ask these questions and wait firmly for a reply to each, pressing in if necessary, so the candidate does not get away with a verbal barrage obfuscating (make hidden or confused) their answer, their beliefs, their values, their principles. Wait firmly for your answers, and do not worry about being viewed as assertive…it is past time Americans were assertive with those who choose to stand and run for public office. Recall Donald Trump’s run for the presidency, his debates, and his responses to attacks from both Republicans and Socialist Democrats. Remember how Mr. Trump stood his ground, shared his beliefs and values, did not apologize or attempt to be politically correct. Remember Mr. Trump’s straight forward no nonsense statements (just like he continues to provide today). Copy the Trump model.

For a long-time now, elected officials have taken for granted the very citizens that voted for them and helped them become, well…elected officials! For a long-time now, elected officials would match their speech to meet the expectations of the public, but once the campaign concluded so were they in attempting to be pleasing to the electorate. They could return to the club and not be too concerned until the next election cycle. A U.S. Senator from Arizona perfected this scheme, and would talk strong borders, strong State and National sovereignty, strong Reagan values for about six months prior to election day, and then put away his shtick until the next election cycle convincing all who would listen that he was a true conservative, regardless of his global rhetoric and actions.

Stand strong as citizens demanding answers to these five most basic questions that will tell you a lot about the beliefs and values of the one being questioned. Stand strong and be not afraid. Stand strong and ward off any thoughts that you are impolite demanding answers to some simple and basic questions our Forefathers would have not hesitated to ask, and ask loudly and strong!! And if you find an extra measure of courage, you might also ask the candidate’s view on the question: “Do you see yourself as a Servant Leader, and if so, describe what your servant leadership would look like.”

Below are the questions. You will also notice that a particular Legislative District in Arizona already began the process of interviewing candidates in open forums with these suggested questions. The LD Chairman has crossed over the line and is no longer concerned with remaining compliant, remaining submissive to candidates or elected officials seeking reelection. Congratulations to a Legislative District Chairman and his team for standing up and seeking candidates that will remember who they truly represent when they are sitting behind their desks at City Hall, or the County Board of Supervisors, or the State Capitol, and finally, in the Capitol of the United States of America.

Will You Stand With President Trump and Help Return Sound Government and Moral Values to This Great Country?

WE THE PEOPLE must decide whether we will support President Trump by helping him to return sound government and moral values to our Nation as outlined by our Forefathers, or allow the continued decay of our country; whether we will hold our elected officials responsible to US, or allow the continued disrespect for constitutional values and principles. I am challenging each citizen across our Land to confront each candidate, whether incumbent or not, whether Republican and announced conservative or not, whether for local office, county office, state-wide or national office, confront and stand strong asking the following questions politely but demanding an answer along the lines of what I also have written as guidelines for answers:

QUESTION #1: What is the proper role of government?

Our Founders were clear that government was to reflect the will of the people. It is the people who give government its authority. And when elected officials no longer represent the will of the people, they no longer represent what our Founders established as a foundational principle for the formation of our government.

QUESTION #2: As an elected public official, you will be required to take an oath to uphold and preserve the Constitution of the United States. When was the last-time you took a serious look at the Constitution? Can you identify one or two areas where the Constitution is being violated today?

Our Founders pledged their lives and their fortunes to establish and uphold the Constitution of the United States. They did not pledge to merely acknowledge and talk around the Constitution, and to play “safe” so they could be reelected, with reelection a primary factor in their decision-making. We have too many in public office; whether at the city council level or higher, who value reelection and preferred parking spaces to defending the Constitution and representing the will of the people. Too many public officials who care more about pleasing money and special interest groups for reelection than speaking for the nameless citizens who voted them into office initially.

QUESTION #3: What are your views about public debt? What is your opinion of using debt and how it should be extinguished?

Our Forefathers warned about debt; it should be paid by the generation that created it! Any public official who endorses expenditures adding to debt should be viewed most cautiously and confronted.

QUESTION #4: What is your view on unalienable rights stated by Jefferson in the Declaration?

Our Forefathers understood, publicly proclaimed, and even had their collective beliefs written into our founding documents that our rights are given by our Creator, NOT by government. Our inalienable rights cannot be taken by man without coming under the judgement of God. Your candidate’s answer to this critical question will shed light on his/her philosophy of governing, as well as their principles and values.

QUESTION #5: Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. What are you prepared to give up to maintain our freedoms?

Our Forefathers understood that solutions should be based on morality and virtue. Our public officials of the past understood that overruling our founding documents also meant overruling the Word of God since the foundation of America was based on Judeo-Christian principles. To create new laws to nullify the laws of God and create or encourage a new morality to nullify the standards our Forefathers viewed as immutable was to invite an overall breakdown of what our very foundation and development as a Nation was. Social Marxism promotes the shunning of God for the endorsement and allegiance to the all-powerful State.

WE THE PEOPLE must begin to confront those seeking public office, and are now holding the same. We must confront their beliefs to the aforesaid questions, and continue standing until the questions are answered.

Failure to ask those seeking elective office is only promoting the option that this Nation so conceived will perish from the face of the earth. Mr. Trump understands this, and decided to leave his well-earned luxury life for what he is experiencing now.