Today: Jun 03 , 2020

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This Election Should Tell Us Something

tellingelection3The Prescott City Council and Mayor election will be held in September - but what will have we learned in the meantime?

Tax Increases On The Way?

Today, Arizona borrowed money for the first time ever in order to make payroll. What's next? Tax increases? taxincrease3

Who's Got the Upper Hand in Big Chino?

Who's got the upper hand in the Big Chino Pipeline saga? Maybe a more pertinent question would be, who are the players, anyway?welldonethumb
Do facts really matter in the war over water? Or will conjecture rule the day?waterking3

Public Transit - It's Expensive

Public Transit can be expensive, and difficult to implement. What's a council to do? publictransit3

Two Men From Illinois

Spending? Stimulus? 2050 plan? Those folks from Illinois don't seem to blink an eye at spending lots and lots of taxpayer money.wilsonobama3