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Former Assessor Pam Pearsall Releases 'Whispers of Truth'

07 March 2017  

Whispers of Truth explores Pam Pearsall’s experiences from a tragic childhood to her struggles as an elected official. 

Former County Assessor Pam Pearsall's new book, “Whispers of Truth, A true Story of Abuse, Corruption, and Miracles,” hit Amazon's virtual shelves Monday, March 6. 

Whispers of Truth will likely do very little to put to rest the controversy that surrounded her eight years as an elected official. Whether one is a Pearsall supporter or not, readers will find plenty of information to add to the fire. 

This is really two stories in one book. There is the story about Pearsall's childhood, when she was almost killed by her father who apparently battled mental illness and alcoholism. Her survival and the continued journey into adulthood are intertwined with a second story about her experiences as Yavapai County Assessor.

Pearsall begins the book with a curious disclaimer, “Everything I have recounted in this non-fiction book is true but not entirely factual as to the events, locales and conversations. Because these items are from my memory. Most names of those I deem to be creeps have been changed so that I don’t get sued...”

In the account of her years at the Assessor’s office, Pearsall makes no attempt to hide her feelings about those that she worked alongside, whether they were employees in her office, other county employees or Supervisors. Some names were changed, and she utilizes nicknames for those she considers “creeps”, and not always very nice nicknames at that. Some names are simply changed. Many people are never identified with a last name. Other names used are real, such as members of the Board of Supervisors. The haphazard naming protocol adds confusion for the readers who may need a pen and notepad just to keep track of who is who. 

However, there is no confusion when Pearsall makes certain accusations, “‘Supervisor Springer told the county administrator and me that she didn’t like personal property taxes. When she’d been in the state legislature, she’d tried to get them eliminated. But failed. She then instructed us to work on eliminating the personal property taxes and told me to only value the personal property I couldn’t ignore.’ How dare she tell me to break the law! …Our local sheriff [Steve Waugh] was conspiring with the Treasurer and Supervisor Carol Springer, shorting the schools and fire districts and other taxing jurisdictions of much-needed funding or shifting these taxes to the rest of us…”

Pearsall also makes the claim that the effort to removing the cartography and title employees from her department was political retribution for her tax valuations of agricultural lands, of which most of the Assessor story revolves around. 

The one constant seen between the personal story and the Assessor story is Pearsall's close relationship with her sister, Bev.  Bev is her primary confidante and muse. Everything that happens is shared with Bev on a daily basis. In the dedication, Pearsall writes, “I also dedicate this book to my sister who is my hero. It’s nice to have a person in your corner, who no matter what takes your side and fights your battles with you." 

Pearsall eventually came to grips with her personal childhood tragedy, even re-establishing a relationship with her biological father. Losing the election was hard for Pearsall, but she came to see that even a loss could ultimately be a win. 

This book is not for those who are seeking an even-handed, objective look at all facts. Pearsall writes this from her own personal perspective, which is not unexpected. Discerning readers will keep in mind that this is a memoir, not a documentary. 

According to Pearsall, she plans to do a book signing soon, but has not yet scheduled a date.

Pearsall's press release reads: 

"Want to know a secret?

"Whispers of Truth: a book on political corruption, abuse and healing angels

"Whispers of Truth exposes political cronyism, corruption and physical abuse written by Pam Pearsall, once the Yavapai County Assessor, now a published author. 

"At a time when corrupt and questionable politics and its terrible consequences are daily headlines in the media, Whispers of Truth is memoir that shows citizens not to give up hope; they have the power to bring about change for their communities and the nation.

"Secrets exposed - usually discussed by politicians behind closed doors -- now available for you to read.  Abuse, miracles, prayers and healing angels; this book has that and more.  The story about one woman’s journey of rising above abuse and ruthless politicians is unbelievable, but true."

Whispers of Truth is published by Values Count, LLC
ISBN# 13: 978-1544203843 and ISBN-10: 1544203845
BISAC: Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs
Published 03/06/2017
Available online at: Amazon, just search for Pam Pearsall or Whispers of Truth
Available in bookstores and libraries


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