Today: Jun 07 , 2020

U.S. News World Report Ranks BASIS Curriculum Schools as the Nation's #1, #2, #3, #5, and #7 Public High Schools

Two bundles of marijuana seized after being catapulted over the wall.

Only Three Other States Took in More Refugees Than Arizona in 2016

New Report Says Immigrants Benefit Economy in Long Run
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are Neck and Neck in the Presidential Race in Arizona with More than 20 Percent of the State’s Likely Voters Undecided


The Towns and Cities Divided by the U.S.-Mexico Border Offer a Unique Look at Western Life

Corridor Will Enhance Development of I-19, Mexico Highway 15, Future I-11

Cindy McCain Spoke to the Senate Committee

Abdulrafae Alsorani and his family fled Syria leaving everything behind.