Today: Jul 08 , 2020

Paul Gosar under heavy attack from opponents.

House Passes Gosar Amendment Cutting $70 Million from EPA Bureaucrats, Redirects Resources to Wildfire Prevention


Arizona Representatives Differ Widely on Immigrants Serving in Military

Rep. Gosar Presses FBI Director for Answers on Clinton Email Server Investigation 

Rep. Gosar on Clinton Email Scandal

Memorial Day Message from Rep. Paul Gosar

Honoring Those Who Have Died While Serving in the Armed Forces

Bill Offers Meaningful Solutions to the Challenges Facing Western States

Gosar introduces Environmental Compliance Cost Transparency Act

Rep. Gosar Aims to Combat Invasive Species

Sometimes you’ve got to just get it under control. 

Responses to Terrorist Attacks in Brussels

The Tragedy in Brussels was Sadly Predictable, According to McCain and Graham

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