Today: Nov 18 , 2019

How is Prop 123 Money Being Spent?

Sen. Lesko introduces bill to find out how schools are using Prop. 123 money

Harry Oberg talks about Prop 124

Proposition 123 Narrowly Passes, What Next?

Right now the tally is 520,425 ‘Yes’ votes to 503,659 ‘No’ votes, which looks like a victory for Proposition 123.

So, we’ll start with what we do know: Prop 124 will pass, unless something extraordinary happens. 

Here are four points of view about Prop 123

2016 Special Election Reminders

Yavapai County Recorder Leslie M. Hoffman Has a Few Reminders About the May 17 Special Election

State Senator Steve Pierce and Representative Karen Fann Endorse Proposition 123