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Prescott Media Center Commemorates Veterans

08 November 2018   Rob Milligan

November is a big month for veterans.

November is a big month for veterans!  November 11 this year marks the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, which ended World War I.  And to celebrate, Prescott Media Center has lots of plans for the month. 

The best part will be watching the Live Streaming of the Veterans Day Parade on Channel 64 or on our PMC website at or on our You Tube page, on Saturday, November 10 at 11am.

Also, watch for November’s veterans events on our Veterans Access Channel 65:

  • Musical Salute to Veterans by the non-profit group Re-Creation.
  • Video showcasing the veterans Olympics event which involved veterans and students from Embry Riddle competing.
  • Celebrations and Historical informational talks and discussion about Ernest A. Love, including a rebroadcast of the ceremony celebrating him and veterans in general in Prescott.
  • Rebroadcast of the Prescott High School football game which was dedicated to Ernest A. Love

What’s Membership with PMC?

Prescott Media Center is a unique public access television resource for everyone!  Among many things, we provide our members with training, equipment, facility and the channel on local cable, as well as online, to produce and share your own non-commercial programs with a local audience.  These services are free for members.  And membership value doesn’t get any better than what we offer to our Prescott area locals. Local Membership costs just $50 per year for individuals and $100 for businesses.  Help us spread the word to the community!   


Why should you hold your phone sideways when you gather video? It might feel weird but there is a purpose behind it.  Our phones use the aspect ratio 16x9, which is the typical ratio that wide screen monitors and televisions are made for.  And it’s the default video resolution of normal video.  If you’re combining videos together for a project it will match the videos that you might shoot on a typical camcorder or DSLR device. When you film something on your phone in vertical mode you get a square image and it will look weird.  So the next time that you shoot video, just turn the phone sideways and the image and the moment in time will be the better for it.