Today: Dec 13 , 2019


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I counsel my students to quit their jobs and start doing volunteer work... For every dollar you earn, you lose .85 cents in the FAFSA award.

Lucy Mason: "We Are Partners, You and I"

Prescott eNews is thrilled to have Lucy Mason as a columnist. "We are partners you and I, and I look forward to hearing your concerns, questions, and what you want to hear about the most," writes Mason.
Fifteen-year-old Jensen has been working at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop in Prescott unloading donated clothing and small items from the trucks, sorting them, and hanging up the clothes. Even after a long, hot day, he is cheerful and upbeat.
So, you're a Senior, and you have to figure out how to get to college... Well, check out the weekly Prescott eNews' Scholarship Toolkit! It'll tell you all you need to know and more, and it's understandable, too!

Simply signing up for the scholarship sites on the internet is not going to get you where you want to go.  There's much more to playing the game than just filling out applications and writing essays. That's all important stuff, but waiting till the second semester of your senior year...

Sunday, August 12th was a very special day for Michael.  Michael and his Bigs had taken advantage of Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters free tickets to meet and greet Tony Clark and watch the Arizona Diamondbacks in action.