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The 2008 Arizona Revue Opens Today!

25 May 2008  
With a mix of country, Motown and a bit of jazz, the Arizona Revue puts on a show you won't want to miss.

azrevue082.jpgIt's the middle of Memorial Day weekend, but the usually gorgeous weather this time of year has turned in an only so-so performance. What's a person to do?

Go to the Arizona Revue, of course!

Yes, today is the opening of the 2008 Arizona Revue. And, they have a bang-up show for you this year, bringing their own flavor of country favorites, Motown classics and even a touch of jazz.

You might be wondering who will enjoy the Arizona Revue's show - well, the answer to to that question is pretty easy: Everyone. Honest! I took a group that included three kids - 12 and under; a teenager whose taste in music is usually defined by how loud and unintelligible it is; a student that is a classical pianist; a would-be songwriter and a husband who is an old Grateful Dead fan. I personally look for Barry Manilow and the Carpenters on iTunes, so that dates me.

Yet, everyone in our group really enjoyed the show. We walked out with the 12 and under kids singing the songs they had just heard, the classical pianist speaking about what a great performance it was, and the would-be songwriter saying, "Oh, yeah. That was sweet."

But, the crowning compliment? Well, let's just say that the teenager who likes his music loud and unintelligible is bringing three of his friends to the show today. You simply can't get praise that's much better than that!

And for those of us who are older than, errrr... 40? Well, we were enchanted as we kept looking at each other and saying with a grin, "Oh, I remember that one!"

I confess, we didn't happen to have any grandparents in our personal group, but there were some in attendance that looked like they could be called, "Grandma" or "Grandpa". Their heads were nodding in time to the beat, too, with a happy smile on their faces.

So, that's the answer to your Sunday afternoon question. Head on over to the Arizona Revue in the historic Elks Theater and get ready for a rollicking good time. Don't forget to bring some friends, too!

There's a matinee today, and guess what? Our family is going again! The doors open at 1 pm, with a Pre-Show 1:30. The Show itself starts at 2:00. Tickets cost $20, children 12 and under are $10.

Can't go today? No worries, you'll be able to catch the show any Saturday night from May 31 until September 6, with a couple of matinees and Friday shows thrown in for good measure. You can check out the Arizona Revue calendar to see all the dates.

Editor's Note: While Prescott eNews is proud - no, make that thrilled - to be a sponsor of the Arizona Revue, we just want you to know that all of the above is absolutely true! It really is just a fun time for all ages!

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