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Folk Arts Fair: Fun for All Ages

08 June 2008  
If you've never been to the Sharlot Hall Folk Arts Fair, you really should go today.
A young boy dips a stick with a wick tied to it in hot wax as he makes a candle.

If you've never been to the Sharlot Hall Folk Arts Fair, you really should go. Today, since otherwise you'd have to wait for a whole year to go.

For one thing, it's a terrific way to introduce your kids or grandkids to a museum. Of course, Sharlot Hall Museum is always a fascinating place for youngsters to wander through and discover how people lived in Prescott's early days. But, during the Folk Arts Festival, they can actually experience it themselves first hand.

What was it like to be a gold prospector? Head over to the gold panning exhibit under the trees in front of the Governor's Mansion and try your own luck at finding the shiny stuff.

How did the settlers light their houses without electricity? Take some time to make a candle and see how long it actually takes to get from wick to wax.

What kind of toys did they have back then? Make a cornhusk doll; supplies and instructors are at hand. (By the way, this isn't just for girls, several boys took part in this exhibit.)

Ever wonder how sheep go from fuzzy to skinny in early summer? Watch the live sheep-sheering demonstration. And, then check out how the wool is dyed and spun into yarn.

Curious as to how cowboy boots are made? Meet Paul Krause , who still creates Handcrafted Boots of the Old West. He'll even demonstrate a treadle sewing machinee.

Getting hungry? Go ahead, buy lunch right here. The menu consists of brats (extra long!), hamburgers/cheeseburgers, hot dogs. Want something that doesn't remind you of fast food? Try their pork or beef brisket sandwich. Absolutely delicious! (Go ahead! Add some cooked onions to your sandwiches, it's a terrific choice.) The meal prices may seem a little high at first, but remember all the cool things that you get to do for free, and you won't grumble much.

These are just a few of the exhibits which are spread out on the Sharlot Hall lawn, so stop in and explore. This is the 35th annual Folk Arts Fair, and over 300 volunteers pitch in to bring this event to Prescott.

Admission is free for those under 18, with a suggested donation of $5 for adults. Kids can participate in the activities for free, except for eating lunch! It starts at 10 am and finishes up at 5.

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