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Elva Coor to Speak at the Crossroads Center at Prescott College

12 April 2012   Bill Arnold

The O'Connor House comes to Prescott.

The O'Connor House Centennial Voter Initiative is coming to Prescott on Thursday, April 12. From 10:30 to Noon at the Crossroads Center at Prescott College, this collaborative effort which includes hundreds of nonprofit, city and other organizations, will be introduced to the local community.

Mayor Marlin Kuykendall will make the introductions, and Elva Coor, will present The O'Connor House Centennial Voter Project.

The O’Connor House vision is to, "Create an Arizona where policy decisions affecting our future are made through a process of civil discussion, critical analysis of facts and informed participation of all citizens."

Some of the local community members and organizations include:

  • Richard Ach
  • The Reverend Kimball C. Arnold
  • Dr. Richard Bloom, Embry Riddle, Associate Vice President for Academics
  • Maggie Garvey
  • Sharon Groves and BJ Forshee, American Association of University Women-Prescott
  • Melanie G. Jacobson ,Executive Director United Way of Yavapai County
  • Vicky Mclane, President of the League of Women Voters of Central Yavapai County
  • Elizabeth Ruffner, Prescott Good Governance Committee
  • Dr. Penelope H. Wills, President, Yavapai College

Vote for the Arizona You Want

"Vote for the Arizona You Want" proclaims the documentation distributed in advance.

In February, 2008, the O'Connor House Arizona Centennial Voter Engagement Project Case Statement was released.

"What is O’Connor House seeking to accomplish with this project?
"The Voter Project specifically addresses the “informed participation of all citizens” portion of the O’Connor House Vision.  Without a fully informed electorate and greater voter participation in all elections – primaries in particular -, much-needed policy changes are not likely to occur.  Worse yet, our state will not be able to provide what Arizonans want and need to make our state competitive while offering economic and educational and opportunities for all residents."

Although this case study is 4 years old now, many of the principles and goals still remain relevant today, in yet another election year.

Read the O'Connor House case study here.