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Evening at the Rodeo

06 July 2012  

Yes, we still have photos!

You may have thought that the Rodeo was over, but we still have lots to bring to you. And, besides, everyone knows that in Prescott, the Rodeo never ends, it's just in a different phase.

So, in the next few days, look for recap articles, video interviews and more.

We'll start with some of the photos from the last evening performance on July 3. It was a great evening, with lots of participants from our local communities.

A new event was also rolled out, called the Cowpuncher's Bronc Riding, which was described as a throwback to the beginning rodeo days, where different ranches competed to see who had the best cowboys. In this event, the cowboys each used a regular saddle, but had the same rules as the regular bronc riders. It was a fun event, especially when one of the pick-up men, Miles DeWitt took a ride himself. (And yes, he stayed on for 8 seconds.)

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