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Be A Shield: The Salvation Army Annual Dinner

05 September 2012   Major Kyle Trimmer

Be A Shield, The Salvation Army Annual Dinner

Supreme Court Judge Robert Brutinel will be the featured speaker

As we look at what is it is to Be A Shield on this inspirational evening we will highlight the work of those who volunteer with The Salvation Army in Yavapai County. Arizona Supreme Court Judge Robert Brutinel will be the featured speaker. Also being presented are the past years financial and statistical reports, noting the impact of The Salvation Army on our local communities as report on the number of families and individuals served this past year.

Fred and Karen Lindquist will be honored with the Others award. This is the highest award given by any local Salvation Army unit as the recipients are nominated and selcected by the Advisory Board to be recognized for their outstanding contributions and impact in the community.

Past Others award recipients include Ron & Laura James, Gene & Barbara Polk, Dr. Randy Clarke, Majors Bill & Alice Brown, Dr. Joseph Griffin, Bobbye Gehri, Jim Peterson, Zach Hirsch, Anne McKinley, William Disch, Dr. Russell Anderson, Mohea Coates, Patricia & Gerhard Kroenauer, APS Volunteer Committee, Precott Charities, Inc., Jean Bauman, Caroline Brady, Merle Farmer, Frances Ginsbach, Esther Wilhelm, Jean Phillips, Idelia Riggs, Rev. Merle Heatwole, A.C. Williams, Bonny Kempf, Vic Swanson, and Dr. E.A. Born.

A Salvation Army Brass Band is featured as we gather for a Hot Broth reception beginning at 6:00 p.m.; representing the call of Soup, Soap, and Salvation offered to Yavapai residents and transits since 1893, making The Salvation Army the longest standing Social Service agency in the County.

How Much: Tickets are available for $40 by calling The Salvation Army at 778-0150

When: Tuesday September 18, 2012

Where: Centennial Center at Antelope Hills
1989 Wineglass Dr.