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Streamline Your House Hunt In Prescott

29 April 2017   Red Arrow Real Estate
Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Home in the Prescott Region

Whether your moving away from long, cold winters, or from the urban sprawl and pollution of the big city, here are some quick tips to making your home search in Prescott a successful and enjoyable one.

Establish Criteria

First, create a list of criteria to help determine exactly what you’re looking for. Prescott is an amazing region, and there are countless neighborhoods all with different characteristics. Here are some ideas for your criteria list:

  • HOA or No HOA: Homeowners Associations have their advantages and disadvantages. Make it clear to your realtor what your looking for in your new neighborhood. 
  • In Town Vs. Counrtyside: Prescott is somewhat centralized, meaning the farther out you want to be means the longer you’ll be driving into town for a meal, or for shopping. Some folks want to live in the countryside - and most of the countryside in Prescott is absolutely beautiful, and peaceful. But that lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Get a fix on where your preferred grocery stores and big box stores are located and determined the distance.
  • Lifestyle: Are you looking for a quiet, planned community, a life in the woods, or home with some acreage for horses and animals? Prescott offers all this and more. Again, it will help to know what your dreams are to streamline your Prescott home search.
  • Utilities: There are many homes on city water and gas, and many homes that have their own private well and propane supply. Additionally, there are many homes on city sewer, while many others utilize a septic system. All of these choices are easy to live with, but they are very different if you are not familiar living with your own septic system and private propane supply. Again, talk to your realtor about all these options up front to help narrow your search.

Is It the One?

Once you find a house you like, make sure to drive through the neighborhood you are considering at different times of the day:

  • Is the house near a schools that might affect traffic?
  • Is there a part of your main access road subject to flash floods?
  • What are the roads like in winter time?

Remember, Prescott has four distinct seasons, including winter (snow) and our well known monsoon season (flash floods). Additionally, Prescott has varying elevation and some neighborhoods get a lot of snow, while others get very little snow. Understanding Prescott’s seasons as well as elevations will be important in selecting the right home for you.

Take Notes, Create A Pros / Cons List

The above are just a few things to consider. When talking to your realtor, create your wish list and make sure to talk about these things. When looking at homes, take a notebook and create a pros and cons list for each property you visit. This will help you avoid making repeat visits. It is hard to keep track of all the details, especially if you are visiting multiple properties.

Make Sure Your Realtor is an Experienced Pro and Neighborhood Expert

Your realtor should be both a real estate pro and a neighborhood expert. As we mentioned earlier, Prescott has an amazing amount of different communities, from planned communities, to living off grid in the forest. 

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