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New Road Markings In Front of Fire Station 74

01 May 2019  

Firefighter Safety

Drivers who routinely travel on Smoketree Lane will notice a change in road markings in front of Prescott Fire Department’s Station 74.  On Tuesday markings were added in front of the station to help draw attention to the presence of the fire station, and specifically the engine that regularly has to block Smoketree as it backs into the apparatus bay.  Ever increasing traffic flow on Smoketree has resulted in numerous near-misses as vehicles have driven past the engine.  As recently as Sunday a vehicle drove behind the engine as it was actively backing into the bay, despite the engine having its emergency lights on and backing sideways across Smoketree Lane. 

The markings are supplemental to signs which had been previously installed on either side of the road, one indicating the presence of a fire station ahead and a second which indicates exactly where vehicles should wait while the engine completes parking.  Vehicles had been failing to remain at the hold line until the engine had cleared the roadway so the additional markings were added in hopes of improving safety and driver compliance.  No traffic should be proceeding through the area indicated until the engine turns off its emergency lighting.  Drivers should note that failure to yield as indicated is a violation of Arizona Revised Statute 28-644A and considered a moving violation which can result in points on their license and a $190 fine.