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Renaissance Festival Brings Ye Ole Pleasures Back To Arizona

12 February 2020  
AJ of the comedy juggling trio of London Broil.

Opened every weekend though March

It is that time of year again, when the 30 acre parcel south of Apache Junction comes to life with live theater, musical performances, great grub and drink, shopping galore, and chivalrous good times for all who attend.

Opened every Saturday and Sunday through March 30, the Renaissance Festival is in its 32nd year. There is so much to take in on just one day, that you may need a second day to see all you desire. If you have been, you know what I am talking about. If you have never ventured out, you owe it to yourself to see and experience all there is to offer. Believe me, there is a lot to enjoy. Here are a few of my suggestions of things to take in.

Tartanic is a rocking bagpipes and drums group, that has a very loyal following, and if you see and hear their show, you will know why. This group has been popular ever since they set foot on the stage in Arizona. Leader of the group, and drummer Adrian Walter said, “I just love coming here to Arizona. This time of year so nice and the people we get to visit with and perform to are amazing.” It is one show on my must see list. The first performance is at the Falconer's Heath at 10:30am.

London Broil has been performing comedy juggling acts for years and the three men do an excellent job with their craft and engaging the audience. “We like to make it a real life experience that everyone can enjoy,” said AJ. “I met the two other guys, Louie and Matt in Minnesota, and have been a trio ever since 2014. My interest in juggling started off with balls when I was 13. Once I realized that I was getting good at it, I was hooked.”

You can catch AJ, and his London Broil "brothers", Matt and Louie, performing four shows a day. A show that I would recommend too.

One very clever and funny act comes to you in the form of a pair of nuns known as Hey Nunnie Nunnie. Two very sweet "sisters" of the convent, that will leave your gut painfully happy, especially if you have any knowledge of the good book, ie. the Bible. These two ladies tell and sing about an amazing array of passages in the Bible. Even a novice in the religion world will surely enjoy this.

Zilch The Tory Stellar is a man that will leave you scratching your head, that is if you have any trouble understanding fairy tales that are told by switching the first letter of each word with the second. Hence forth Jomeo and Ruliet. Not Romeo and Juliet. Zilch said, “I love it. Sometimes I wish I had a camera to capture all the interesting looks I receive as I tell my stories. If I have to focus on someone to explain it, that makes it even funnier.”  Even if you don't fully pick up on the lingo, you will have many good laughs.You may catch Zilch and his zany stories four times a day.

Gypsy Geoff is a juggler and entertainer for families. In fact he will ask for kid volunteers, which ultimately become the stars of the show.  Geoff said, “At the end of the day we all want to be entertained, and if I can teach a simple lesson of kindness in the process, I have done my job.” You may find him at the Carnevale Stage for five shows. Your kids will not be disappointed, nor either will you.

Those are my top four, but the show of shows is the jousting. Shows are at noon, 2:15pm, and 5pm. A must for all.

If you have been there before, you know what to expect. There are three new entertainers this year.

The Langers Ball is a two-piece band to delight you with their rendition of pub songs. Pirouette is a graceful dancer who lives inside her magical music box. If dogs are your thing, then Puppies of Penzance is for you with their swashbuckling display of tricks on and around a pirate ship.

One recommendation that is of the upmost importance, is that to take in all that there is to offer, is to dress up. There are theme weekends, but it is not required that you follow the script. Just have fun in the Arizona sun, but be sure to have some sunscreen and a hat would be a good idea as well.

If a Royal Feast is in your sites, then you must take in The Pleasure Feast, which is held at noon and 2:30pm. Enjoy bread bowls, steak on a stick, numerous savory dishes and of course turkey legs, along with festive Renaissance entertainment.

Food and drinks are available throughout and do not be fearful to try anything. The old turkey leg is still a staple. There is more things to see, try, and shop for, in the Marketplace, with over 200 artisans a variety of items. Take time to visit with those who make the wares and or perform. They are willing to share their expertise and stories. You will see all kinds of renaissance things everywhere in the marketplace.

The Renaissance festival is open every Saturday and Sunday, plus Presidents Day, through March 29. Hours are from 10am-6pm. Ticket prices are $28 for adults, $18 for children ages 5-12.Tickets are $2 cheaper at Fry's grocery stores. Senior and military discount tickets are available for $25 at the gate with ID. Parking is free!

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Ron Williams

Ron Williams is the advisor, broadcaster, and sportswriter for the BBN, Badger Broadcasting Network. The BBN is a community club for high school students enrolled in the Prescott Unified School District.