Today: Jul 05 , 2020

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You don’t have to move away from home with the help of professionals

The well-known adage for legal matters is that a person representing themselves has a fool for a client. But, what if you're dealing with insurance companies, such as in the case of a vehicle accident? Should you work with the insurance company, or do you need an attorney? The infographic below provided by law firm Friedl Richardson offers some things to think about.

Helmet Laws - Do They Work?

Should states enact helmet laws?

DUI is Still a Real Problem

What are your risks of being in an accident due to someone involved being under the influence? 

The Law and Social Media

So, just how does law enforcement use social media these days? Social media can be used to solve crimes, locate missing people, gather corroborating information. But, who is helping them? Does it hold up in court? Is your online activity making you safer or a target? 

It's not enough to have a brand. Your brand must be engaging, one that people reach out to.

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