Today: Jul 12 , 2020

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Keeping Aging Parents Safe at Home

Specialized Care in the Home Is Care That Is Focused on Each Individual’s Needs and Conditions

Aging In Place

Staying at Home Instead of Senior Housing is the First Choice for Most

Know Your Loved One Is in Trusted Hands While You Recharge

The Toll of Dementia Caregiving

Caring for Someone With Dementia Takes a Huge Toll on That Person Physically, Emotionally and Mentally

If You Are the Caregiver of a Loved One Who Has Suffered a Stroke, You Need to Know How to Care for Their Specific Post-Stroke Health Needs

Supportive Practices for After a Fall

Fear of Falling Can Lead to Decreased Physical Activity That May Increase Risk of a Second Fall

Those Who Suffer With Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease Have an Increased Risk of Falling 

Caring for a Person With Dementia Is Unlike Caring for a Person With Any Other Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease Is Just One Type of Dementia, It Is the One With the Most Pronounced Stages

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