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RWOP Speaker & Radio Host Lisa Benson: Jihad and Sharia-ism, It's Here

13 October 2014  

"It is jihad! It is war,” speaker Lisa Benson said at the Republican Women of Prescott's (RWOP) meeting in September.

Benson is a radio talk show host on the Patriot station, KKNT 960.  Her website, states, "Lisa E. Benson is a 30-year career veteran in the not-for-profit sector having focused her expertise in the Pro-Israel movement working on behalf of universities, higher education, Israel national security, as well as a myriad of projects and individuals safeguarding the Jewish state.  Days after the 9-11 attacks on America, Lisa was called by the esteemed terrorism expert, Steve Emerson, Founder, The Investigative Project, to spearhead the efforts to find the private funds necessary to go undercover into American mosques.” (see Lisa Benson Bio.)
“Now it’s time to get angry. Now it’s time to get involved,” Benson stated at the beginning of her presentation in Prescott last month. 
Benson doesn’t mince words when it comes to ISIS, Sharia Law, President Obama or even Senator John McCain. 
"On my broadcast, you will never hear conspiracy theory, you will hear intelligent, accurate and measured information. I vow to you that I will never say something stupid  that will have you all writing about me on social media, or put me in the Arizona Republic," Benson promised.
Watch her presentation below:
Lisa Benson also offered the book, 'Sharia-ism is Here,' by Joy Brighton, which Benson contributed to. Afterwards, she signed hundreds of copies for those that purchased it. 

The October RWOP luncheon takes place on Tuesday, October 14 at the Prescott Resort. Sheriff Scott Mascher will be speaking.
What: October RWOP Luncheon
Featured Speaker: Sheriff Scott Mascher
When: Tuesday, October 14
Time: 11:30 AM
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