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Carly Fiorina Wows National Federation of Republican Women

12 September 2015  
Thirteen hundred women gathered at the convention to hear Carly Fiorina, and she did not disappoint.

The National Federation of Republican Women is holding their 38th Biennial Convention at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge resort. Thirteen hundred women from all over the country are in attendance representing their states and communities. Nearly 50 are from the Republican Women of Prescott group, the largest in the nation. (As RWOP President Billie Orr likes to say, it’s actually the largest in the universe.)

Carly Fiorina started her keynote by stating confidently, “Ladies, a note to the Democratic party. We are not a ‘special interest’ group, we are the majority in the nation.” The applause and cheers were loudly spontaneous and instantaneous. 

“I personally am so tired of hearing about women’s issues,” Fiorina said. Many women chanted along with her as she completed, “Every issue is a women’s issue.” 

“We care about the character of our nation,” Fiorina said, adding, "We care about defunding Planned Parenthood.” More loud applause.

One might think that Fiorina had studied her audience in advance, coming to deliver a message tailored for them that they specifically would like. But, a check of her website, and a search on YouTube reveals a consistent, unwavering message.

Some of the points she touched on included:

  • Business experience
  • Opportunity for all
  • The need for character
  • Support for Israel
  • The need for a new deal with Iran
  • Fiscal restraint
  • Immigration

As President, Fiorina promised, she would make two phone calls on day one. The first, to her good friend, Israeil Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to offer support to him and Israel. The second to the leader of Iran to say, “New deal.”

After Fiorina was finished, it turned out that well, she wasn’t. At least, as far as the Republican ladies were concerned. A crowd of women rushed to the stage, asking for her autograph and to have photos taken with the Presidential candidate. She graciously obliged. 

Were minds swayed towards a vote for Fiorina? Undoubtedly. ViciLee Jacobs, a delegate from Prescott was convinced. “I’m going to offer to help in her campaign,” she said. “I was on the fence, but after hearing her, I’m there.”

Listen to Fiorina’s keynote here: 

The NFRW convention continues Saturday, (today), ending with a keynote by Ted Cruz.


Lynne LaMaster

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