Today: Apr 07 , 2020

It's Constitution Day!

17 September 2015   Governor Doug Ducey

Governor Doug Ducey’s Statement on Constitution Day.

PHOENIX — “Today, as we celebrate our nation’s most important document, I am proud to say Arizona is a national leader when it comes to civic education,” said Governor Doug Ducey.

“Arizona was the first state in the country to pass the American Civics Act, with bipartisan support, and many Arizona students are set to take that test for the first time this week.

“Our founders ensured that our nation would be a nation of laws, where ‘We the People’ control our destiny, and wrote a document that has stood the test of time. Here freedom and liberty rule, and all Americans have the right to pursue their destiny.

“As we reflect on our nation’s great history today – please keep the members of our armed services fighting to protect the constitutional rights we hold so dear in your thoughts and prayers."

Governor Doug Ducey will visit Sunset Hills Elementary School today to celebrate Constitution Day with students and teachers. The visit will include a performance by students about the founding of the country, and the governor will read to a 2nd grade class.