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Introducing An Innovative Equine Rescue, Rehabilitation & Adoption Program

27 October 2015   Lynne LaMaster

‘Helping Our Horses’ Event Introduces Yavapai County to Innovative Equine Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Adoption Program

PRESCOTT, Ariz., (October 27, 2015) — Yavapai Humane Society (YHS) held an event Saturday evening, October 24 at the Phippen Museum called ‘Helping Our Horses.’ The event informed 164 animal welfare advocates, equine enthusiasts and other community members about YHS' plans for its new equine rescue program. Attendees were addressed by YHS Executive Director Ed Boks and pro bono equine consultant for YHS, Nina Ekholm Fry about the innovative approach the equine program will follow, called a "track system."

YHS’ 7.3-acre property in Chino Valley, which was purchased in December 2014, will be designed around the track system method. This innovative design meets the physical, emotional, and social needs of equines and will be instrumental in the rehabilitation of abandoned and abused equines.

Executive Director of YHS, Ed Boks, shares the differentiator behind YHS’ new Equine Initiative and its design. “Adopted more commonly in Europe, the track system provides equines more opportunity and motivation to move, as opposed to a typical stable with individual stalls—which is more commonly used in the United States for reasons of human convenience and tradition. Under the track system, resources (such as food, comfortable resting areas, and open-social shelters) are spaced along the perimeter “track” of the property.”

Ekholm Fry explains, "The exciting thing about the new Yavapai Humane Society's equine initiative is the welfare-enhancing environment for our rescue. The environment is designed to meet the needs of horses, focusing on three basic areas of needs: unrestricted movement, social housing, and frequent eating. These needs among others are very important for horses and providing them in a rescue environment will really help enhance the program's success."

The Equine Initiative is planned to launch during the first quarter of 2016. The program will focus on rescuing, rehabilitating, and adopting out equines that have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. To date, nearly $25,000 has been raised for the program. Another $50,000 is needed to complete facility upgrades and install the track system. Donations to YHS' Equine Program can be made online at

YHS thanks the community and its event sponsors for the support of the first event benefiting the new Equine Initiative: Prescott Area Pet Emergency Hospital, Prescott Animal Hospital & Equine Center, Prescott Winery, Catering by Liz, and Prescott Brewing Company.


YHS Executive Director Ed Boks and YHS pro bono equine consultant Nina Ekholm Fry present YHS Equine Initiative track system design.

About Yavapai Humane Society

Yavapai Humane Society (located at 1625 Sundog Ranch Road, Prescott, Ariz.) has been serving Yavapai County’s citizens and animals since 1972. YHS has a shelter in Prescott, a Cat Adoption Center in the Prescott PetSmart store, a Thrift Store and its Spay/Neuter & Wellness Clinic, offering low-cost spay/neuters and vaccinations. In July of 2010, the organization adopted a No-Kill Ethic which has led to its current live release rate of 97%, making YHS the safest shelter in Arizona. Connect with YHS at, or


*NOTE TO EDITOR: 30-second interview of Ekholm-Fry for digital sharing can be found here:

More photos of the Helping Our Horses event may be downloaded here (captions are as follows)\

1. YHS Executive Director Ed Boks and YHS pro bono equine consultant Nina Ekholm Fry present YHS Equine Initiative track system design.

2. The doors open to a long line of event attendees.

3.  Pro bono consultant of YHS' Equine Initiative, Nina Ekholm Fry, addresses event attendees about the equine facility track system design.

4. YHS Board Member Al Bryant and YHS' equine pro bono consultant Nina Ekholm Fry discuss the future track system facility design.

5. YHS Equine Committee volunteers Debbie Hagaman and Josh Reynolds volunteer at Helping Our Horses by serving beverages sponsored by Prescott Winery and Prescott Brewing Company.

6. YHS Board Member Rob Ratner and wife Wendy attend Helping Our Horses at the Phippen Museum.

7. YHS Director of Development Bobbi Leverich (on left) and Development Assistant Kerry Whaley (on right) welcome event attendees.