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Gas Main Breaks

09 March 2016   Conrad Jackson

City of Prescott Water Department crew breaks a 4 inch gas main.

At shortly before 9am Tuesday morning a City of Prescott Water Department crew reported that they had struck a large 4-inch gas main which was now leaking.  The crew had been attempting to repair a leaking water main near Rosser Street and Eagle Ridge Road when their efforts to dig down to the water main with a backhoe resulted in the impact.  The area had been Blue Staked and the gas line ended up roughly a foot out of alignment with the markers.

A Prescott Battalion Chief and fire engines from Prescott and Central Yavapai responded to the incident.  The crews pulled hose lines as a precaution in the event of a fire and proceeded to evacuate nearby homes.  Prescott Police Department closed Rosser for the duration of the event.  Unisource responded within ten minutes.  The leak took nearly an hour to stop due to the complication of the water leak flooding the area with water and mud.  Fire crews remained on scene while Unisource worked and conducted air monitoring for flammable gas.

With the gas leak stopped, the Water Department estimated that they would have the water line repaired by 4pm, at which point Unisource would be able to go about repairing the damaged gas line.  Roughly 350 homes were believed to be affected with disrupted gas service.  Unisource reported that they would be making contact with the impacted homes once they completed their repairs in order to reignite pilot lights and address any other resulting complications.