Today: Jul 12 , 2020


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Trump Projected to Win in Arizona

23 March 2016   Lynne LaMaster
At Saturday's rally in Fountain Hills, supporters were enthusiastic. Lynne LaMaster

Trump, Clinton win.

With 53% of the precincts reporting, it seems to be a sure bet that Donald Trump will win in Arizona with more than 46% of the vote in his favor. Ted Cruz follows distantly with a return of almost 22%. Marco Rubio, who dropped out of the race last week still gathered 17% of the vote, and John Kasich trailed at 10%. 

For the Democrats, Hillary leads with about 61% to Bernie Sanders’ 37%. 

Jill Stein is running away with the Green Party vote at 80%, to Kent Mesplay’s 20%. 

Yavapai County Results

In Yavapai County, the story is quite similar. Reporting on just the early ballots, with 0 of the 29 vote centers reporting, Trump comes in with over 46% of the vote. Cruz has nearly 27%, and Rubio has almost 12%. 

Clinton leads Sanders, 56-42% for the Democrats, and Stein holds an even larger lead over Mesplay, 82%-18%. 

In Yavapai County, it is important to note that these numbers are far from final. None of the ballots from the vote centers are included in these tallies, so the numbers will change dramatically over the next few days. 

In 2008, less than 5000 Republicans voted early, this year there are 28,032 early ballots. As a matter of fact, more people voted early this year for a Republican candidate than the entire number of ballots in 2008. 

Many of those early ballots went to Rubio, who abruptly dropped out of the race after his poor showing in Florida. At a recent Republican Women of Prescott meeting, several people were overheard stating that they had voted for Rubio, and now they regretted that decision, since it amounts to a wasted vote. 

That being said, even if everyone who voted for Rubio switched to Cruz, it still wouldn’t change the fact that Trump is the clear cut winner tonight. While the margins may change for everyone, Clinton and Trump’s leads are so commanding that it is very unlikely they will not win tonight’s matchup. 

Interesting Things to Note

  • Sanders managed to edge out Clinton in Coconino County
  • The Green Party voter turnout is at a dismal 9%
  • Even though Rubio dropped out a week ago, he still pulled in more votes than Kasich
  • The Republicans have the highest voter turnout at 33%
  • There are still a lot of ballots to count!