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Prescott Frontier Days Parade Doesn't Disappoint (VIDEO & Photo Gallery)

04 July 2016  

 When one is looking for a corner of patriotism in the United States, there's no better place to come than to Prescott, Arizona. 

Celebrating this 4th of July weekend, the Prescott Frontier Days chose the parade theme, "Let your voice be heard… Vote, it’s the American Way!" That was all that was needed - red, white and blue was in abundance this year on the more than 150 floats traveling the parade route of Cortez - Carleton - Montezuma Streets. 

It was a typical parade for Prescott, if something this grand and, yes, even extravagant, could be called typical for a small city of less than 50,000. From world-renown Country music singing artist Tanya Tucker (who was the Grand Marshall) to genuine chickens (yes, of the bird variety), and a bunch of adorable children gracing most of the floats, the City of Prescott welcomed tens of thousands of locals and visitors alike to enjoy the festivities of the weekend. 

Of course, this is also the week of the World's Oldest Rodeo® in Prescott, so many of entries were related to horses, cowboys and Rodeo Royalty. Additionally, 2016 happens to be an election year, so a lot of politicians, wanna-be politicians and used-to-be politicians also traversed the route, including Barry Goldwater, Jr., Arizona Secretary of State Michelle Reagan and Arizona State Attorney General Mark Brnovich. (AG Brnovich was riding with Senator Steve Pierce's group, and unfortunately, we did not get a closeup photo. He's in #49 below.)

Finally, it certainly wouldn't be a parade in Prescott without paying tribute to veterans, first responders and especially the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots, who tragically died just 3 years fighting the Yarnell Hill fire. The grief felt in the community will never leave, and their memories will live on, even in unexpected ways, such as through the Jessie Steed Memorial Project.

The video was live-streamed on the eNewsAZ facebook page, but in case you missed it:

We also have a vast collection of photos for you to enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend!

Photo Gallery

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