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About That New Sprouts in Prescott...

10 July 2016  

Find out more about the new Sprouts that will be opening in Prescott.

Sprouts is finally opening a new store in Prescott, although it will take a few months before it’s ready for shoppers. In the meantime, here are some of the nitty-gritty details:

When will the new Sprouts open?

Currently, they are projecting an opening in March, 2017.

When will they start hiring?

Some employees will transfer from the Prescott Valley location. Other than that, the general staffing time frame has not yet been announced. You can keep an eye on their Career & Jobs page. 

What will the front of the store look like?

It will look similar to the one in Prescott Valley, but expect to see lots of windows and a very clean design. 

The committee members at the City of Prescott Preservation Committee meeting last Friday mentioned several times how much they liked the proposed design. 

You can watch that presentation here:

Here is the architect’s rendering:

Will the layout be like the Sprouts in Prescott Valley?

There will be some changes to the layout, but the general floorplan and space is very similar. If you’re used to driving to Prescott Valley for your Sprouts shopping, you should feel right at home in this new location.

However, there will be some new features, such as a seating area in the front with a microwave and a TV, and a juice and coffee bar. 

Here is the floorplan: 

Here is a closeup of the front entrance area with the customer seating section: 

Afterwards, Architect Chris Jarvis spoke briefly about the project: 

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